We know that the search for the perfect headphones is an arduous task. The offer is very wide and it is essential to know all the details to select the type of headset that best suits our specific needs. Therefore, we have compiled this small informative guide that we hope will be useful in the search for those perfect headphones.

3 Best Headphones In 2019

Types and forms: In-Ear vs. Over-Ear vs. On-Ear

From the point of view of physical appearance, there are basically three types of headphones, each of which is characterized by its size and shape in relation to the ear (ear pin) and the way it interacts physically and acoustically with our hearing. We all have different earbuds, so there are various headphone designs. Some of them may be very comfortable for certain people; while for others they can be very uncomfortable. The use we are going to give them will be a determining factor when making the right choice.


In-Ear headphones are the ones that are inserted into the ear. These headphones isolate from outside sound, improve audio quality, and are small in size. It should be noted that there are two types of intraural headphones: the classic button type and the intraural insert. The former are placed inside the entrance of the ear canal, and have no way of sealing; All headphones of this type are considered open. On the other hand, the intraural insertion, are introduced into the atrial canal, so they are considered closed.

Over-Ear and On-Ear

Over-Ear and On-Ear headphones have many similarities. The main difference is that the Over-Ear rest on the head, while the On-Ear rest on the ear. The latter isolate less from outside noise, and have less deep bass. On the other hand, they are smaller, and perhaps more comfortable. Probably, if we look for professional sound of the highest level, Over-Ears are one of the best options.

The circumaural headphones (Over-Ear) completely surround the ear, and when closed, allow sound isolation almost completely. They generate a greater natural sensation of the stereo field and a reproduction of more linear and precise sound frequencies. If you want circumaural ones, we recommend marshall headphones.

Because the circumaural headphones rest around the ears with the transducer positioned near the ear, but without touching it, they provide the closest facsimile (compared to other types of hearing aids) to the way in which we naturally hear the sound. These types of headphones are used in the professional field; audio mastering, editing, recording in closed environments, etc. They are also used to edit sound when there is no total isolation of the editing room, such as in domestic studio, and, of course, they are also suitable for DJs.

The supraural (On-Ear) headphones have pads that rest on the outside of the ear pavilion. They are smaller, lighter and therefore easier to transport, and are very suitable for use with mobile devices. Because this type of headphones is supported by the folds and ridges of the auditory pavilion, the acoustic isolation is less than with a circumaural hearing aid, and there is greater variability in the response to serious frequencies.

Open or closed

The closed headphones have a closed camera behind the transducer that seals the sound. They provide insulation from outside noise, so they can be used in noisy environments.

This isolation is useful for DJs, for music production, in studio recordings for musicians, to mix live sound and, in general, to isolate themselves from the environment.

Closed headphones usually enhance the low frequencies of sound since the space between the diaphragm and the tympanic membrane is “closed.” They are also ideal for field recordings (sound landscapes or outdoor recordings), as they completely isolate external noise.

Open headphones allow sound output from the back of the transducer through the pad / rack. The open architecture of the hearing aid promotes a more natural sound, because it produces less color than is created in closed models. This, to a large extent, is due to the minimization of standing waves and reflections.

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