Website designing is building the user interface of the website and is concerned with the creation, designing layout, colors, and fonts of the web page. It focuses on the aesthetic factors and enhancing the visual appeal of the website so that the visitors give more than one passing glance to your website.

When you have decided to build a website for your business you can hire professional website builders to do the job for you. There are several online website builders which can make your job easier and help you to promote your brand online.

Most online website builders are very easy to operate and require no coding knowledge and takes minutes to build a website with easy drag and drop features.

8b Website Builder

8b Website Builder is a simple and extremely easy to use website builder and creates your professional website in minutes. It is also fully optimized for mobile use and suits people with formal programming knowledge but wishing to have a strong web presence. 8b is completely free to use, easy to operate and they have a great choice of templates available.

Create A Website With Zero Cost

If you want to promote your brand by building a completely free website then there are plenty of free online site builders coming from that can help build your website. Online website builders are the best solutions when you don’t have any prior programming knowledge but want to have full control over your content design. Site builders are fast, easy, affordable and let you focus on your business. The following points will guide in building your free website in minutes:

  • Choose A Platform

There are multiple free online builders that you can choose from but it is important to find the one that matches with your needs.

  • Build Your Domain Name

Many free design platforms will give you options to choose your domain name. Select the one which best reflects your brand features and resonates with everyone.

  • Customize Your Website

It is important to choose your templates carefully and fill your content with caution keeping in line with your brand image. When you have successfully built your website you can safely publish it and get brand reorganization.

How To Sign Up & Choose Your Template

8b free website builder are extremely interactive so it wouldn’t be difficult to create a free account. When you visit the site you will be shown two options of signing up which is mandatory to create your website.

The first way is to click on the Create Free Website hyperlink which is located on the top right-hand corner and the registration window will pop up. Then sign up using either Google or Facebook and below it space for entering your email id.
You can choose any template from the theme lists when you log in to your online site builder website. While choosing your theme it is important to note the type of website you wish to build because many beautiful templates can tempt you to go for it. So, choosing a template specific to your site’s interest is essential. It is most important to take slowly while choosing your template because if you get too excited and choose a poor template. This will negatively impact your site’s visibility and it may not prove optimal.

Design Your Site

Web design is a pretty evolving and continuously changing trend but it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right for you. You can choose from the many custom design options which will make your website look modern without compromising on your quality. Micro-interactions inject your website with some personality and create a more humane web site design. This makes your visitor relate more responsively to your website. You can also customize your website using the chatbot support for giving your customers or site visitors a 24X7 experience.

Publishing Your Site Online

When you are done with your website building process you need to publish your website. 8B website builder does this job for you with minimum interaction efforts. You can also change your site’s name using a domain, setting up Google Index and removing unused CSS with PWA. After you publish your site a congratulations message will be displayed on your screen. You can also click on the mobile preview icon on the right side with the back to edit feature.

Benefits Of Using 8b Free Website Builder

User Experience

This website builder creates stunning responsive webpage designs which will look great irrespective of whether you are using a pc, tablet, and smartphone.


The budget is the most important part for you to consider while choosing your website builder. The site builder is completely free helping you to create awesome mobile design templates and there are no fees or subscriptions.

Faster & Easier Solution

Building a website is extremely important as online presence is the most important tool through which you can market your brand. Website builders help you to do just that without consuming much of your precious time. It is also quite easy to build your page with site builders as you don’t require any programming language and moreover, they are quite interactive.

Online Mobile Builder
You don’t need to download and create your professional website as it is a complete online mobile website builder. You can start working on building your next project no matter where you are using your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Easy UI Design

Website builders use drag and drop editor maximizes your user experience. This solution helps in creating the best functionality without racking your brains too much.

Lots Of Flexibility Options

Website builders give you a lot of flexibility to customize your website and make it your own. There are several color options, fonts, formatting and placement options for you to choose.

So, you can easily see 8b websites are extremely beneficial for your business. If you are having a budget constraint but still want to improve your digital presence then using website builders will help you to save time and money. Choosing an online web builder site to improve your online presence is the most effective solution.


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