In recent years, the popularity of smart phones has increased. Google released a report called The Consumer Barometer, which surveyed users in 46 countries around the world. According to reports, users in Asia prefer to use smartphones rather than computers. Especially Singapore and South Korea. These two countries have the highest smartphone penetration rates in the world. The penetration rate in Singapore is 85%. South Korea is 80%. We all know that smart phones are very fragile electronic products that require our attention at all times, and at this time we need mobile phone cases to provide better protection for mobile phones.

When you buy a cell phone, such as HONOR 20 Lite. Then you need an HONOR 20 Lite case. In addition to beautifying your phone and making our phone look more fashionable, the phone case can also protect the phone more effectively. Fall-proof, waterproof and even shockproof! Even in a wet and smooth place, there is no need to worry about the phone falling apart due to a close contact with the ground. It is important to have a mobile phone case.

There are many types of mobile phone cases. How can consumers choose? In this article, we will introduce some common mobile phone cases for readers’ reference.

First, we know that mobile phone cases are divided into hard cases and soft cases. The soft case is divided into transparent mobile phone case and opaque mobile phone case. The transparent mobile phone case is the one that everyone comes into contact with. Most manufacturers like to include a transparent mobile phone case in the mobile phone box. The materials are mostly TPU, TPE and silicone.

This article mainly introduces the silicone mobile phone case. The advantage of silicone mobile phone case is to prevent falling, which can provide good protection for mobile phones. This kind of mobile phone case will be thicker than the ordinary mobile phone case. The corners around are slightly raised, which can effectively relieve the external impact force. So even if the mobile phone accidentally falls to the ground, there will be no problem. Moreover, it is not easy to turn yellow and will not have much influence on the appearance.

“Rubber phone case” is actually a partially colored opaque soft case. Most of them are black, so they are called rubber phone cases. Most of the raw materials of this kind of mobile phone case are made of PU, which is cast. This kind of soft shell can be said to be the most suitable. The matte surface is not afraid of scratches and will not change color due to oxidation. The only disadvantage is that it is not so resistant to falling.

There is also a drop-resistant version in the soft phone case. The principle is also very simple, thickening or hardening. It is to thicken a layer of other materials on the surrounding frame on the basis of the soft phone case to achieve stronger drop resistance. This kind of thinking is like the composite armor on a tank, both soft and hard. This is currently the most drop-resistant protective mobile phone case structure. If you need a mobile phone case, this will be a good choice.


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