Are you bored with all of these latest games? Are you looking for something not so challenging and sophisticated? Your Android or iPhone can take you back to those console days when the games were easy, just for having fun. To recreate the principle work of console, you need to know these words ROMs and emulators. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

To begin with, ROM is a copy file of the original game, and the emulator is the application capable of running a particular ROM you choose. To put it simple, ROM is a so-called cartridge, and emulator, in turn, a so-called console. Now that you are aware of the basic information, let’s move on to make it more extended.

download cool retro games on your smartphone

The diversity of emulators for each ROM game

As it was mentioned before, for each ROM game you need its suitable emulator, so checking out ROMs Planet website you will be sure that there is an excellent variety of them. When it comes to choosing, you need to be sure about the accuracy of the offered option. RomsPlanet site provides you with all the necessary and best materials to download. Here is the list of the most popular ROMs emulators to be launched on your smartphone:

  • My Boy! This emulator serves to run gba ROMs (Game Boy Advance) games on your Android. It is the most prominent of all the others because of its emulation features and exactness of the game process.
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System 9X (SNES9X.) It is suitable for both operating systems, but mainly for iOS. The benefits of this emulator are evident you can run almost any ROM game. Go and visit ROMs Planet to see what exactly you can play using this one.
  • FPse. This emulator recreates the work of Sony Playstation for Android. It is one the fastest and compatible device giving you the chance to enjoy your favorite retro games in the highest resolution.
  • PSP ISOS and PSX ISOS are capable of running comparatively newer games than the previous emulators. Therefore, you will find more ROM games suitable to be launched on it.

It is not the full list of existing emulators, so you can find out more, visiting ROMs Planet and download what is appropriate for your operating system. Besides, all the general information, including downloading and installation, can also be found on the website. And it is all for free.

Emulator’s installation for Android

Once you have downloaded the emulator on ROMs planet, you need to search for the ROM games you like and do the same. Usually, all ROMs download into the SD card or internal memory. Since ROMs may come in a .zip format, you will need to install a file manager app capable of supporting such files.

Having done these steps, you can start running the ROM game with the help of your emulator app. In the appropriate folder, you will see the option to load ROM. Click it twice and enjoy the game.

Emulator’s installation

Emulator’s installation for iOS

The process of installing an emulator for ROM games for the iOS operating system is a little more complicated, but for true game-lovers, it will not be a problem.

The trick to download such emulators is called sideloading. If you accustomed to search for everything on the official iTunes App Store, you need to break the rules and use the web browser to install the necessary materials.

Launching ROM emulators is a piece of cake. In case you need more information, check ROMs Planet and look through the list of offered emulators as well as games with their detailed instructions.


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