What is a QR code, you may ask? They seem to be everywhere in the world of Covid-19 don’t they? You may use one to access a menu or order food. It is a relatively new concept that is taking the business world by storm. QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a type of bar code that allows you to reach text / link through dedicated applications in smartphones. You can place the code at the entrance to the business, on business cards, on flyers, etc., thus increasing the exposure of your business. It is simple and effective and the good news is that you can actually make a free QR code. In order to scan the code, you need to download a dedicated smartphone application for scanning QR codes.

What are the benefits of QR Code for Business? 

A QR code for a business creates the impression that your business is reliable, professional and at the forefront of technology. Webmasters understand the importance of embedding external links on the web, a QR code that links to your site is like another external link to the site and can be beneficial for website promotion on the web. However, if your URL is long or you want to lead the customer to a specific page on the site, using QR code saves typing time and allows customers easy and quick access to the page on the site. Please note: Most surfers who come through the code use smartphones. If your site is not suitable for surfing on smartphones, you may miss the same surfers.

Gaining new customers

You can print a QR code and display it at the entrance to the business, the code will point to your site where the surfer will be asked to subscribe to the mailing list. Once you have a mailing list of your customers, you can send text messages via SMS or email, update on new promotions and thus increase the number of referrals to the business. If you are interested in encouraging registration for the customer club, you can add a benefit when registering to the mailing list, such as a discount coupon on the next purchase. This will increase the possibility that the customer will come back to you and in addition will perceive you as a professional, innovative and reliable business. If you’re looking for new customers, then technology is the way forward! 

If you want to successfully establish new business and custom then it is important to look at other ways to do it too that run in conjunction with a QR code. For example are you on Instagram and is it possible for you to make a smart campaign this way? If you have a website and if so, do you have ways in which you are boosting your SEO to get more organic traffic? If not, then this is something to consider too. All marketing works through technology in one way or another. You must be savvy and consider all options to succeed. 


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