Is your HR department floundering? When HR can’t follow through on their responsibilities due to time constraints and workloads, the repercussions can be felt throughout your business. Installing HR software may be the answer.

Let’s look at the reasons your HR department is struggling and how HR software can help.

Problem 1: Employee retention is at an all-time low

We all know how prolonged the recruitment process can be, and when you spent vast amounts of time and resources trying to recruit the absolute best talent for your business, the last thing you want is for them to move on within weeks. Poor employee engagement, unreasonable workloads and negative workplace culture can all contribute to poor employee retention, creating a nightmare for your HR department.

The Solution:

Implementing HR software into your business model means a smoother and more engaging onboarding process. HR software – check out for ideas – means you can say goodbye to laborious form filling and monotonous health and safety inductions. HR software provides a fully tailored, personalised and interactive onboarding process, allowing your new starters to hit the ground running with more face-to-face contact and hands-on training. And by ensuring that all the administrative requirements and company values are fulfilled and delivered in an engaging way, you can expect a rise in employee retention.

Problem 2: Admin overload

HR handles a lot of paperwork on a daily basis, which means any model that is still reliant on paper, is going to experience problems in all areas of the department. Struggling to stay on top of paperwork and admin means that requests go unprocessed, forms are not signed, and important documents are going out without being proofed. These kinds of mistakes can lead to compliance issues and a downturn in employee engagement.

The Solution:

When you invest in HR software, these kinds of issues become a thing of the past. Not only can you say goodbye to your dependence on paper, but all your employee records, data and onboarding information is all stored in a safe, secure cloud-based location. This alone improves the manageability of all your company’s data, as HR reps can find what they need within moments. Time spent on admin roles is quickly diminished thanks to the automation of numerous tasks and a smoother workflow.

Problem 3: Dependency on HR/management is overwhelming

In many corporations, employees reach out to HR for every little thing, whether they want to take annual leave, address an absence, or even review their own records and work performance. This can quickly leave your HR reps swamped with multiple requests and less time to focus on the bigger picture. In addition, this dependency can create a sense of mistrust and frustration amongst your employees, especially if they’re left waiting for weeks for a response to their initial query.

The Solution:

HR software can easily revolutionise the way your business and HR department works. The latest HR software models include self-service portals for employees with fully personalised dashboards, dedicated to their employment. From here, they’ll be able to make requests, change information, review their personal progress and check their working hours etc. Not only does this free up more time for your HR reps, but also gives employees a sense of empowerment and independence, making them feel more valued and content in their employment.   

Final thoughts…

Installing HR software will benefit your entire operation, if your HR department is regularly overwhelmed, consider implementing this software as soon as possible. 


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