First of all, Kubernetes is an open source portable expandable platform for managing containerized workloads and services. It radically facilitates the automation and declarative customization. This platform has a large ecosystem, which is growing rapidly. Its tools, support, and services are widely available.

SHALB is happy to provide its clients with any kind of managed kubernetes ci cd services. It can greatly facilitate the use of cluster container systems as efficiently as possible. The specialists have vast experience in cluster management. Thanks to the company’s experts, it is possible to effectively implement projects of any level of complexity, whether it is a company that has recently appeared in the market or a large organization that has been operating for several decades.

How do specialist work?

First of all, the team of professionals gets acquainted with the customer’s requirements so that the deployment of the Kubernetes infrastructure fully meets them. This can be done on the following platforms:

# AWS;
# GCP;
# Azure;
# DO;
# VMware, Rancher, OpenStack (local).

The experts work with a cloud, physical or hybrid cluster, customizing it in a certain way. This helps to provide full visibility of resources, for example, performance indicators, schedules, authorization at the expense of certain systems.


Kubernetes provides a framework for agile distributed systems. It scales and processes errors and bugs in applications, suggesting, for example, deployment patterns. But this is not all that it is capable of. Many have already appreciated its advantages. Among other advantages, it is worth highlighting:

# service monitoring, workload balancing;
# storage orchestration;
# self-control;
# configuration and confidential data management;
# automatic deployment.

Kubernetes also includes a set of independent managing processes that invariably translate the current state to the intended state.

You can contact SHALB specialists right now to get their detailed advice. You can be sure of their professionalism.Their main task is to help you resolve the issue. Experience the benefits of using this platform for creating software products. Find out the ways to contact the managers on the website. A clear and convenient interface allows you to quickly navigate, going to the site, to find the necessary information.


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