Imagine this…an existing customer requests SEO services. Obviously, you don’t want to lose the client or the extra cash. Thus, you accept the job regardless of the fact that you don’t have adequate skills or expertise. You convince yourself that it can’t be that hard to learn SEO.

Fast forward, your client is struggling to get organic traffic and backlinks. The client is unhappy, and your team is exhausted.

This is the story of many SEO agencies today. They offer SEO services without understanding how they work. Or they’re wasting time learning it rather than focusing on chasing after their goals.

Thankfully, SEO resellers are there to offer a workaround to this challenge. But first, who or what is an SEO reseller?

It’s a firm that specializes in SEO services. It white labels its services to other SEO firms for a fee. This means you’re at liberty to resell their work as yours.

Here are the primary reasons why you need to engage the services of an SEO reseller.

SEO Reseller Programs

1) SEO is Expensive

A study by Moz shows that SEO services cost upward of $100 per hour. That’s the amount that promises consistent results.

Think you should hire a full-time employee? Well, the economics will not work in your favor here as well. The same study by Moz confirms that you need $60,000 to hire entry-level SEO experts. That’s if you get experts to hire. There’s a massive shortage of skilled SEO experts in the industry.

The only way out is to engage an SEO reseller.

2) SEO Plays a Vital Role in Marketing

By now, you would know the role of SEO in marketing. A recent survey of business owners and leasers shows that 42% want to raise their SEO budget.

SEO-related expenditure is poised to grow in the coming years. A study by Asend2 reveals that’s it’s the second most popular B2C marketing strategy after content marketing.

3) SEO is Becoming More Complicated

In the past, Google relied on anchor texts and hyperlinks to rank your content. However, that’s not the case anymore! The algorithm on this search engine is among the most evolved codes on this earth. It’s estimated that Google is over 2 billion lines of code.

Don’t forget, its algorithm and rich snippets are always changing. As such, SEO job is harder to master than ever before.

SEO resellers have to track the changes to the algorithm. They have to work on finding quality links, developing quality content and using other strategies like PPC to promote your client’s website.


Optimizing a website for search engine ranking isn’t easy. The exercise requires a substantial financial investment. As a small agency, you might not have the resources or expertise. The best way out is to engage an SEO reseller. They’ll offer superior services at a fee. That’s how you ensure you’re getting value for money.


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