TikTokers are making great waves on social media. People like watching short videos laced with fun, humor, and entertainment backed by great music and filters. Many TikTok creators are using the organic method to increase their popularity but find that there are bottlenecks when it comes to growth.  

Many videos go viral and many also go unnoticed.  Content owners and marketers on TikTok are also earning revenues through advertisements. If you are a TikTok content creator and would like to have a successful marketing campaign, then there are few tips to follow apart from having the easier option where one can buy TikTok views.

When it comes to making use of SEO. (Search engine Optimization), make sure to implement these good practices.

  1.   Have a captivating profile. Whether it is fun, entertainment, or educational, make sure to keep it interesting and with an easy user name and handle so that people can relate to it and remember it easily.
  2.   Ensure to have a relevant name for your video with keywords and so that the SEO guides any user searching for a particular video to your profile. Hashtags give wonder search results.
  3.   Quantity is equally important.  While it is a known fact that quality content gets the viewers organically, this attribute alone may not be enough. When thousands of videos are uploaded every minute on TikTok, one can get lost. Therefore, multiple videos need to be uploaded every day to get noticed.
  4.   This platform is slightly different from others. Here fun and entertainment is the key.  People are on this platform for light and easy entertainment and get switched off from lengthy boring videos. So, keep your videos short and crisp with a funny angle for success.
  5.   While it helps to see how other videos in the same genre as yours are doing on the platform and understand their reason for success, it is important to have one’s style and uniqueness.  Copying others will result in redundancy and viewers will exit your video, having seen similar stuff before. This will not be of any help and only affect your time and credibility.
  6.   Another way to increase your popularity is to collaborate with some famous TikTokers if possible. You can do a group video or a duet depending on the video content. Influencer marketers like TikTokStorm can help in this regard and can even add their fans and followers to your video.

TikTok is a relatively new social media platform compared to many others. What the future holds for it is not known, but this is a great time to become famous on this platform if you happen to be a budding artist.  However, everybody cannot be a success in TikTok.  People who are camera shy will find it difficult to entertain the viewers. With a very short time of 60 seconds available for you to make an impact and impress your audience, you need to be genuine and spontaneous. People love authenticity and it is prudent to be original and have consistency for your TikTok account.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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