Today’s guide will help you to Set full size WhatsApp profile picture without cropping on Android and iPhone. Whatsapp and Instagram are the two most popular and most downloaded app for Android and iPhone. Whatsapp is an instant messenger where millions of users chat, message and share images/videos every day. The first thing they do when installing these apps to set their profile picture but don’t you feel bad when you like an image and want it to be your profile picture, but you can’t set the whole image due to they restrict you to crop your image at fixed square dimension. But there is a way with the help of that you can set full size WhatsApp profile picture without cropping.

To Set Whatsapp/Instagram Profile Picture without Cropping, you need an app that converts your image into square one and allows your full size image to be your profile picture. There are many apps available of this type, but we choose the best one for Android and iPhone. Check How to Set Whatsapp/Instagram Profile Picture without Cropping.

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Set full size whatsapp profile picture without cropping

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How to Set Whatsapp/Instagram Profile Picture without Cropping –


1) Firstly you have to download #SquareDroid or No Crop app (Both the app works perfectly but today we talk only about SquareDroid) from a link below.

2) After successful installation, open the app.

3) Now you can see the list, and you can select ‘Pick a Photo‘ from it.


4) Now browse the image you want to be your profile picture.

5) It will automatically crop the image you select and convert into the square one without losing anything on the pic and it will also maintain the quality of an image.


6) Your pic is ready now you can save it.

7) you can also modify the image you create by changing the background blur or gradient. Also, you can adjust the strength of your effect.


8) Now go to the Whatsapp-settings-profile edit your current WhatsApp dp and changed it with the one you edited with the app.


iPhone: – There are two iPhone app squareit and squaregram. You can choose any of them, both the app converts your image into the square one. The procedure of using this app is same as above. You can also edit your image you created with squaregram by changing the brightness, contrast, and sharpness of your image. You can also change the image layout, adjust the size of padding and round the corner of the image. With these apps, you can easily set full size WhatsApp profile picture without cropping on iPhone.

Download: – Squareit

Download: – Squaregram

So with the help of above apps, you can easily set full size WhatsApp profile picture without cropping in a few minutes. If you like this post share it with your friends with social media options from below also comment below if you have any queries.


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