There is no doubt that local SEO is a powerful tool when correctly used by a business. However, how beneficial is local SEO to a law firm? Should law firms put as much effort into local SEO as they do into large-scale SEO campaigns?

The answer is quite simple: You need to focus on local SEO. Understand that targeting customers and clients in regions near your office gives you more business. Many individuals start with a random online search when looking for law firms to hire. Human nature dictates that most individuals will prefer using local law firms around their region.

Why Law Firms Need to Focus on Local SEO

1. Advancement in Technology

Due to advancement in technology, no one is flipping through Yellow Pages looking for a law firm. Almost every individual has access to the Internet, which means that Google is your answer. When a person cannot find your firm on Google, then you do not exist.

Local SEO will ensure that clients can find you through a simple Google search. Did you know that 40 percent of all Google mobile searches are for local businesses? Still not convinced? Well, about 97 percent of consumers are always online searching for local companies.

2. Free Traffic

By raking high on google, it ensures that your website can have a continuous stream of visitors. Using different techniques, you can quickly transform the traffic into paying clients. You need to ensure that you have a user-friendly landing page that is clearly defined.

Local law firm SEO ensures that you can get a consistent flow of free traffic. When applied correctly, local SEO is the best advertising and marketing strategy that you can use to grow your law firm.

3. Fast Results

When competing internationally or nationally, it will take a long period before your law firm ranks highly on search engines. You will have to wait for a period of between six months to a year before you start getting quality traffic.

However, ranking highly on the local front takes a short period. Within a month or two, you can start experiencing all the benefits of local SEO. Below are a few reasons why local SEO gets you fast results:

  • Other law firms are not focused on local SEO
  • Many law firms are not using the best local SEO practices
  • The completion is reduced

Tips to Optimize Local SEO

Building a local SEO campaign is not as easy as it seems. Many law firms are not doing well with local SEO due to poor strategies. In this next section, I will walk you through some tips to help you optimize your law firm’s local SEO.

Choose Legal Keywords Carefully

Understand that searches can either be classified as “product buying query” or “information intent query.” You must ensure that your law firm ranks highly on both these types of searches. Doing this ensures that you authenticate your business while winning clients in the long run.

Use specialty and local-focused keywords to ensure that you fully optimize your law firm’s website. Instead of going for “legal service in Arizona,” try “personal injury lawyer in Tucson.” Doing this ensures that you attract clients who are interested in specific areas that fall within your specialty.

Publish Fresh Content Periodically

Clients tend to trust law firms that seem to have a better understanding of the practice. However, have you ever wondered how clients come to this conclusion? Well, your clients will gauge your expertise according to the published content on your website.

Publishing relevant and fresh content assures your clients that you know your business. Ensure that you publish user-friendly content as a result.

Invest in Good-Quality Backlinks

Offsite SEO is just as important, and it should not be overlooked. You need to publish local press releases whenever you launch a new service. Try joining several legal forums to answer different questions that are presented there.

You could also join any online legal blogs as a contributor. The author bio is a powerful page that lets you add information about your expertise.


Local SEO is the key to having a successful law firm. As stated earlier, when used correctly, local SEO can get you quality advertisement space and marketing. Law firm SEO is a worthwhile investment that you need to consider seriously.


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