Your office can make a huge difference to your business. A small and cramped office will increase stress levels and make even the simplest of tasks more difficult. You need space to store equipment, run operations and manage your team. 

As your company grows, it’s only natural to hire more team members and acquire more resources. If you’re running out of workspaces and seem to be filling up the hallway with your things, it might be time to look outside of your original premises and invest in something a little bigger. 

Here are a few other signs that your business needs larger premises. 

Your team is cramped

Your team might be running out of elbow room to work. Two team members might share one desk because you are running out of work and break space. If this is the case, you probably need a bigger office with enough room for individual desks. 

If your team doesn’t spend too much time at their desks, you could get a big table to sit in the middle of the room. You can all work on one table, equipped with plug sockets, lights and seats. Save the rest of the space for equipment, packaging and creating products. You need to make your office work for you and your team.

You have hired more employees

The more people you hire, the bigger your office needs to be. You can’t expect to stay in the same office when your team has doubled. You need to factor in the cost of new premises when hiring more people. You might be able to afford their salary, but can you afford the cost of a bigger office?

There is more work coming in

As work starts to pile up, you will need a bigger office to handle the increased workload. If you house the products and packaging onsite, you will definitely need a larger space to store the orders. Consider looking for an office space with a separate storage room for packaging orders and preparing them for delivery. 

Your finances are looking good

A bigger office is a luxury. You might want to invest your profits in a larger office that the whole team will benefit from. If your profits and cash flow are increasing at a steady rate, take a look at the property market right now. Just bear in mind that a sharp increase in sales does not always equate to sustainable growth. Make sure your finances are stable for a few months before investing in new premises.

If things are in order financially but you’re still in need of a bit of a boost, you could perhaps consider applying for a business loan. This could act as the first step in securing your new property and growing a successful company.

Lack of parking

Parking is a big issue for city offices. Parking can be extremely expensive for business owners who rent parking spaces for their employees. Offices just outside of the city centre will have better parking opportunities and lower rent costs. 

Do any of these points sound familiar to you and your business? Then maybe now is the time to start hunting for the perfect HQ for your company so you can enjoy a bigger space.


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