The two main members of the wearable gadgets are smart watches and smart bands and most millennials are confused about which one to buy. In case you are going to make a purchase for the first time and thus is slightly puzzled about the pros and cons of each, here is a detailed analysis for you.

Smart Watches or Smart Bands

For starters, smart watches look attractive and comes with a ton of features along with a beautiful LED screen. As for smart bands, they are smaller and lighter devices which are mostly used for fitness tracking.

But since this is not it, here we have analyzed both the gadgets based on crucial parameters

Battery life

It might be difficult to digest, but smart bands indeed have better battery life. Depending upon the usage, they last somewhere between 5-25 days. But in the case of the smartwatch, even the best ones last no longer than 2 days. So suppose you forget to charge your smartwatch for a day, you will end up with a dead smart watch the following day. However there are solar watch, which not only depend on batteries for normal functioning but are also set to optimize on solar energy.

Water resistant

Most brands of both smartwatches or smart brands produce water-resistant gadgets. But in case you opt for a smartwatch with a fancy leather strap, prolong interaction with water would spoil the straps. But the case of fitness bands is totally different, as they are equipped with rubber or silicone straps which last comparatively longer.


If you have seen both the tech gadgets, you must know that smartwatches tend to be bulkier. If you intend on using the smartwatches for fitness tracking and night sleep tracking, the experience would cause discomfort to you. As for fitness bands, they are feathery light and even if you wear them for days and nights at a stretch, you would not even feel that you are wearing anything around your wrist.


Ask anyone and see it yourself, and you would find that smartwatches are better when it comes to alerting you about upcoming notifications. You can even use your smartwatch from sending short messages, but for typing long messages you will have to resort back in using your smartphone.

But if you end up using a smart band you will get just vibrations for notifications and it would not specify you the complete details.

So if your preference is to check and reply to notifications in an instant, then smartwatch would cater your needs.


Now the gap between the price range of smartwatches and smart brands is huge. A smart band of a reputed brand will cost you lesser as compared to the price tag of a smartwatch. So if your budget is tight and then you can easily afford a smart band, and to come from a popular brand like the Tag Heuer connected modular.


Although smartwatches and smart bands are alike in several aspects, we can see that when it comes to being economical and practical, smart bands stand apart!


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