With new software vulnerability threats at an all-time high, many development teams are embracing powerful security tools for uniformity, threat analysis, verification, and scalability. These powerful resources defend enterprise software applications from a broad spectrum of internal and external threats. The best solutions protect against data theft, system compromise, or other types of nefarious intent. As a software engineer yourself, you should know about the latest development tools, programming resources, and supporting technologies. You can eliminate remedial operational tasks, access advanced self-service functions, and accelerate speed-to-recovery. After all, these new solutions help you secure your Android smartphone, desktop, or mobile application development environment. Read on to learn the latest software development news about security tools for uniformity and scalability. 

Database Security Scanners

First and foremost, there is an assortment of dependable, resilient database security scanners for software development operations. Even though databases run separately from the software application itself, developers regularly rely on them. Security flaws, bugs, and errors within the database could lead to significant software functionality and performance problems. Powerful security scanners inspect for weak password credentials, configuration defects, and unpatched versions. They can also detect issues with your access control and authorization protocols. The best cools identify irregularities by searching for abnormal, recently-modified patterns or behaviors. Surely, use database security scanners to defend your software development environment from internal and external threats.  

DevSecOps Tools

In addition, many enterprise bespoke software development teams embrace robust DevSecOps solutions. If you are considering using these tools, you should first know What DevSecOps is. In short, DevSecOps is a defense-focused, compliance-driven methodology that makes security an integral piece of the software development life cycle (SDLC). Using advanced DevSecOps technologies, developers can take advantage of software composition analysis (SCA), static (SAST), dynamic (DAST), and interactive application security testing (IAST). These tools additionally support different levels of firewalling, container runtime security, anomalies identification. Certainly, investing in DevSecOps tools and platforms to promote security uniformity, scalability, and defense across your production pipeline. 

Data Loss Prevention Platforms

There are also a number of teams turning to tools, platforms, and resources for data loss prevention. These solutions offer extra layers of security and defense to protect sensitive system data with. They distribute DLP policies, offer user education training, and give employees data protection documentation. In short, they provide you with everything needed to inspire user confidence and help your development team make informed choices. To guarantee precise results, the best data loss prevention tools offer endpoint security that investigates, detects, and proactively responds to vulnerabilities. Indeed, install data loss prevention solutions to improve software development security levels and performance. 

Open-Source Packet Analyzers

More, consider the added benefits of adding open-source packet analyzers into your secure software development workflow. These advanced platforms support system troubleshooting, network analysis, and software protocol development. Some tools even support application communications and developer education. Typically, these tools operate by analyzing data intercepted from a trace file. This often comes packaged as a pcap. From here, information can easily be scanned and analyzed by a built-in graphical user interface (GUI). Absolutely, open-source packet analyzers are a popular development tool to inspire software application security in 2022. 

Antivirus Engines

Further, you can upgrade security standards in your workflow with an antivirus engine. Powerful open-source engines scan for viruses, malware, trojans, or other types of malicious vulnerabilities. These multi-threaded, gateway-scanners work with a wide range  of operating systems and programming languages. With their versatile functionality, you can inspect software applications regardless of industry, feature set, or intended OS. Plus you can eliminate identity theft threats, block fraud attacks, and prevent phishing scams. You may even receive warning messages and notifications regarding problematic issues. Definitely, install an antivirus engine to protect your bespoke software application, workflow, team, and development agency this year.  

There are several important software security tools to begin using in 2022. First and foremost, many teams are installing powerful security scanners to defend their database management system. In addition, many teams have begun taking advantage of powerful DevSecOps tools and technologies. With these solutions, secure software development immediately becomes an integral component of your day-to-day workflow. You can also benefit from installing data loss prevention platforms. Of course, many teams are installing open-source packet analyzers as well. Plus, you can use an antivirus engine to detect, block, prevent, and eliminate dangerous threats. Follow the points above to learn the latest software development news about security tools for uniformity and scalability. 


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