Parents with young teenagers understand the importance of keeping tabs on them. The saying ‘curiosity kills the cat’ is a true description of the preteens and teen years. They want to know everything and connect with anyone willing to be their friends.

Unfortunately, predators are everywhere looking for vulnerable kids to take advantage of. To protect your child from these individuals, it’s best to monitor the activities of your children with a spy app. In this post, I’ll share the best iPhone spy app that I’ve used.

My Experience with Spyzie: The Best iPhone App in 2020

Early in the year, my daughter started behaving funny. She stopped spending time with her younger brother and would rather stay glued to her phone. I thought she would get off it but nothing of the sort happened. She skipped meals sometimes and remained in her room.

I had a series of conversations with her but nothing worked. I began to research online on how to deal with an unruly young teenager. I stumbled on a post about a spy app and I became interested. I read reviews about different spy apps but I finally settled with Spyzie.

How Spyzie works for iPhone

Spyzie is an effective spy app that is used all over the world, including Spain. I would recommend Spyzie for a variety of reasons, especially for parents. For one, if you don’t have the time for complexity, this app will be your best friend.


The app works intelligently to spy every activity of the target device both online and offline. Of course, it’s impossible to have your child with you 24 hours a day. With Spyzie, you can remotely see everything they do on their phone. 

Let’s mention that the app is also compatible with Android OS 4 and higher. So, if your child uses an Android device, you can also use Spyzie to monitor their phone activities. One of the most impressive aspects of this app is its real-time data transmission. I’ve tried a couple of other spy apps but I’ve been disappointed about the delay in transmitting data. If you want to stay up-to-date with your child’s phone habits, you should go with Spyzie.

How to Set up Spyzie for iPhone

Using Spyzie to spy on an iPhone is simple. There are two major highlights about Spyzie that are worth mentioning. 

  • No Jailbreak required:

The first is that you don’t need to jailbreak the target iPhone to spy it. This is an advanced feature of the app and many spy apps do not have it. Jailbreaking can expose your target device to malware.

It can also compromise its warranty. Spyzie doesn’t require that you jailbreak your target device. Second, you don’t have to install an app on the iPhone. This is why I prefer the app to many others in the market.

  • App Installation Not Required

If your child is always with her iPhone, it will be difficult to gain access to install an app. However, you don’t have to worry about this with Spyzie. The app doesn’t require any app installation. It works with the iCloud backup of the target iPhone.

So, how do you set up Spyzie on your target iPhone without installing an app? It’s pretty easy. You don’t need any experience to do it. 

Ste-by-step Guide to Activate Spyzie for iPhone

Step One: Create a Spyzie Account

The first thing is to create an account with Spyzie. You can do this through the official website. 


Step Two: Choose a Subscription Plan

When you’ve created the account, you’ll be redirected to the webpage to choose your subscription plan. You’ll see the pricing plan for each option. Choose a plan to complete the process. You also have to pay for the plan to activate the software.

Step Three: Provide the iCloud Credential of your target iPhone

After making the payment, you will receive the setup instruction with the registration link. Click on the link to go to the activation page. Here, you need to provide the iCloud username and password of your target iPhone. Wait for a few minutes to verify the credentials.

Step Four: Log in to your Spyzie Dashboard and start spying your Target iPhone

When this is done, the app will sync with your target’s iCloud backup. You can wait for some time for this process to complete. You can then log in to your Spyzie account with your details and navigate to your dashboard.


From here, you can see everything happening on the target iPhone. Thanks to the numerous features of the app, you can access a lot from your target device. All these will be done discreetly and remotely, without any fear of getting caught.

Features of Spyzie App for iPhone

This is my favorite topic about the Spyzie app. The app has some exciting features that will make you feel comfortable about the safety of your child. Let’s look at some of these.

  • Text Messages Feature

The app allows you to see the text messages on your target iPhone. You’ll see the incoming and outgoing text messages, including the details of the contact. If your target deletes some emails, you can still view them on your dashboard.

  • Call Logs Spy

You can also see the details of who your target is talking to on the phone. You’ll have access to the details of the incoming and outgoing calls, including missed calls. You can see the caller details, such as name, number, profile photo, call duration, frequency, and timestamps.

  • WhatsApp Monitoring

There’s a high chance that your child uses the WhatsApp app. Most of the people they connect with will likely be on this app too. This means you can keep a close eye on those that your child is connecting with.  

You’ll be able to read your target’s chats and see the shared media. You can view their status and profile picture.

  • Other Social Media Apps

Spyzie also offers access to all social apps on your target iPhone. The app tracks each conversation that your target is participating in on Facebook. It also lets you see their chats and posts on Snapchat, WeChat, Instagram, Telegram, and more.

With Spyzie, you can see everything your target does on their social media handles. If the app is on the device, you’ll be able to see it remotely on your dashboard.

  • GPS Location

Getting real-time updates on your target device’s location is very critical, especially if you’re spying a child. Spyzie lets you know where your target is per time. You can also see their location history, which lets you see the locations they’ve been over a period. 

You can also set geofencing for your target iPhone. Geofencing works for when you have restricted areas that you warned your child about. With geofencing alerts, you can know if they are visiting where you ask them not to.

Of course, if you call to ask them, they’ll deny going to restricted areas. However, when you set the geofencing alert, you get notified when they pass the boundaries. This gives peace of mind knowing that your child is safe wherever they are.

  • Keylogger

This is an impressive feature of the Spyzie app. It logs each keystroke used on the target device. It stores the data in an organized way and according to the app used. 

So, if you want to check data on Facebook through Keylogger, you can easily locate it under the Keylogger menu.


Spyzie is a reliable and very effective spy app. It is safe and virus-free. You don’t have to worry that your data will be available to third-parties. The software uses military-grade encryption to protect users’ data on its site. 


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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