Ecommerce is a competitive business platform. That alone is an indication that you need to find ways to stay ahead; otherwise, you lose the game. One of the best ways is to provide your customers with a positive user experience. This, however, does not just refer to quality products and services or your prices. Your goal should be more on how you can encourage or give your customers a reason to stay, be loyal and choose you over your competitors. Below are some of the best ways to provide a positive customer experience.

Competitors in Ecommerce

Focus on Customer Support

At one point or another, you have made the decision not to go back to a store because of the rude or unhelpful customer support they had. The same case applies to any business that you may own. Research shows that 78 per cent of the customers bail on an intended conversion because of poor customer support. Excellent customer support means a lot in a business platform and greatly determines the number of conversions you will get. This is not about kindness but also informative customer service and how fast you attend to their needs and solve their problems. If the above is not met, there is a risk of losing business.

Personalize Product Recommendations

Your homepage should be an introduction of your services to new customers, but recommending products and services based on customers purchase history is better. Customers are more likely to stay if they can find what they want to buy easily. Most customers revolve around a few products and the feeling that you know what they wish to purchase increases their trust in you. If you are interested in exploring ways on how to personalize your site to customers, I recommend you read this post.

Send Relevant Email

Once in a while, you should send offers to customers based on their taste. This can be determined by their shopping history. You can also use special events like birthdays to send them a coupon code to purchase a product from their favourite. However, customers don’t like to be spammed; keep the emails to a minimum.

Set up Price Monitoring of Your Competitors

This one is quite tricky to pull off, but once done, you can be sure that your business will be heading somewhere. As an average e-commerce store, you are likely to face struggles such as identifying your products from your competitor’s store, replacing dead links and keeping track of the data.

However, since the introduction of bots and artificial intelligence, price tracking is now affordable to everyone willing to pay a small amount of money. With this, you can keep track of your competitor’s prices and go a few cents lower. The best way to beat your competitors is by offering the best prices. Customers want to save money on every transactions or purchase they make. Take a look at this pallet delivery website to see how they have managed to stay ahead of their competitors.


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