Just as markets don’t remain steady, the trends are also not consistent. They keep evolving and your digital marketing agency has to keep up with them if they want you to stay in the game and keep ahead of the competition. When it comes to digital marketing, the marketing depends on the content and that is where a lot of attention should be paid. Few of the elements constituting the content are videos, product catalogs, infographics, blogs, articles, press releases as well as your response to the consumer activity.

For your content to be successful in leading your brand, all these elements must work cohesively to create one story rather than try and generate revenue individually. Consumers tend to create a brand image based on an overall presence of the brand and not an individual marketing element. The content, as a whole, must keep up with the latest trends in the market as outdated content can cause the brand loyalties to shift very conveniently to your competitors.

Some of the techniques to keep the content appealing to the audiences are:

Personalization and Human Touch Infused with Technological Innovation

Consumers look for content that talks to them as an individual and not as a part of one whole community. As consumers become more attention-seeking, marketing has to cater to this demand. Depending on the activity of the consumer online, if the digital marketing agency in India can ensure that each consumer gets personalized suggestions and updates, there is a high chance that the consumer could go for an unplanned purchase as well.

The marketers can make use of automation to facilitate this, where all the available data of the consumers can be used for predicting their interests and choices along with their spending habits and possible requirements of the future.

While this is all good and convenient, one must not forget the need for human touch. No one likes to be in touch with a robot at all times. There is a need to speak to or consult a human being who can understand the complexities of your requirement. This makes consumers feel that the brand really cares about their opinion and individuality.

Popularity of Voice over Written (Typed) Word

The convenience provided by voice search is making itself popular among the consumers. The Indian markets have adapted to it just as quickly as they adapted to video marketing. Videos are the most popular media format among Indian audiences. Following the same footsteps, voice search is likely to leave the ‘typed’ search option behind because of the convenience of being able to use the facility even when your hands are busy with other activities such as driving or cooking.

Importance of Celebrity Endorsements

In media, celebrity endorsements have always held a special place, so you can see the impact of these on the advertisements on various platforms. With the growth of the popularity of social media, a new breed of social media celebrities has come into being. These have emerged as influencers who hold credibility and play a major role in the formation of public opinion.

Their follower base may be small, but the influence is real and for them, a recommendation or disapproval matters a lot. These key opinion leaders are seen as authentic for voicing public opinion. They are not seen as promoters of a product or a brand for the sake of selling it but hold the stamp of the genuineness of views.

Making a shift from celebrities to the opinion leaders could work in favor of a brand by improving the brand and consumer relationship. But, care must be taken not to shatter consumer trust by using the new idols to promote something that goes against their public persona.

While these strategies are effective on their own, the more important factor of cohesiveness must be kept in effect at all times. The digital marketing agency must take care to ensure that the strategies, when modified as per the trend, must take into account all the elements as a whole and work towards the story being communicated to the consumer. The marketing activity, be it e-mails, messaging or advertising on various platforms – all of it must be compatible with each other as well as with the various devices in use by the vast population.


Ipshita is a digital marketing expert and works for digital marketing agency. She loves to write about affiliated marketing, web designing, web development and blogging.

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