You’ve put in the long hours, dissected your latest analytical reports, tried and tested marketing strategies and learnt the hard way about keeping your digital market budget under control. Now you’re generating leads and driving traffic to your stunning ecommerce site – so, you’ve done all the hard work…right?

In reality, the hard work is only just beginning. Now you have the attention of your visitors, you not only have to hold their interest but convert those clicks into multiple sales. And with so many different online shopping options, it doesn’t take much for shoppers to move from your site and onto a competitors’, so with such a high bounce rate to now contend with, how can you engage their short attention spans?

By taking a closer look at the overall customer experience on your ecommerce site, you’ll be able to create a smooth, seamless shopping experience that won’t just convert a couple of visitors, but one that will keep your clients coming back. Want to know more? Read on for some straightforward ways to enhance the customer experience on your ecommerce store.

Make Payments Easy

When payment processing on an ecommerce site is clunky, slow and difficult, you’ll not only lose customers due to frustration, but you’re also losing customers due to suspicion over the validity of your site. Something which could seriously damage your brand image.

When you accept payments online, customers should enjoy a quick and smooth payment process that is easy to understand and navigate with simple steps to follow. Your chosen online payment gateway should be secure, help you to manage your transactions effectively and offer options such as subscription services or recurring payments if required. The simpler your payment process, the happier your customers will be.

Fill Your Site With High-Quality Images

Poor quality, pixelated images or photos clearly taken from stock or supplier sites not only look poor, but they arouse suspicion and prevent customers from making informed decisions about a potential purchase. High-quality photos will not only make your site look more attractive, but they provide a fully immersive customer experience, where visitors can fully understand what they’re buying and as a result, will be more tempted to make a purchase.

Easy Navigation Is Key

A website that is difficult to navigate or simply hard work, won’t keep its visitors engaged. Site visitors should be able to navigate from one page quickly and easily to another, without getting frustrated at dead links, missing pages or incorrect links. Your ecommerce site should also utilise a smart search tool, to quickly connect victors with the right content and to increase the likelihood of converting clicks into sales.

Offer Plenty of Support

Whether you have a customer who wants to know more about a product, or you have a client who wants to find out about your international shipping policies, having plenty of support available on your site is essential for a positive ecommerce shopping experience and to convert more visitors. Good customer service goes a long way, so consider a chatbot assistant, email and phone numbers, or contact forms where customers can ask questions. You can also collect all the most asked queries together and add a Commonly Asked Q&A page to your site.

Final Thoughts…

Start enhancing your customers’ ecommerce experience with these simple tips! 


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