After a year of disquiet and frustration for high street store owners, things are slowly getting back to normal. However, competition is fierce, and it’s never been more important to get customers through your door, outrank their competitors and offer a seamless and efficient service for every client who walks through their doors.

While many store owners are looking for gimmicks and distracting advertising to wrangle potential customers through their doors, this high-cost approach simply isn’t sustainable in the long term. Interestingly, when it comes to an engaging shopper experience, consumers want convenience and minimal effort on their part to get what they need. And this is where updating your payment processing comes into play.

Adopting a contactless approach isn’t just considered to be a helpful addition to your store, but customers expect it – click the link to get started with contactless payments. If you’re contemplating moving your business to a contactless approach, check out these strong reasons to go contactless in 2021.  

It’s Fast

Whether customers have fraught little ones they want to get out of the store as quickly as possible, they’re on a limited lunch break or they have dozens of other errands to run, customers need to pay for their goods and leave as quickly as possible. And this is why contactless can help. If your payment process consists of waiting for a chip and pin, handling cash or a slow payment verification procedure, then you’re going to inadvertently turn customers away. The less time your customers spend waiting in line, the happier they’ll be!

Customers Are Tempted To Spend More

When customers have the convenience of contactless at their disposal, they no longer have to worry about whether or not they have enough cash on them to make a transaction. Contactless makes impulse purchases more likely, which is good news for your revenue.

Reduction In Fraud and Mistakes

If you’re in retail, then you’ll probably have experienced a customer who claims that they gave you a banknote of a higher value, and you’ve given them the wrong change. Sometimes, mistakes happen and other times, customers are taking advantage of your “customer is always right” policy. In addition, fraudulent banknotes and coins can also be a real headache for store owners who handle cash regularly. They’re often careful and vigilant for fake notes, but sometimes the occasional bad note slips through.

When you switch to contactless, you’ll experience an instant drop in the number of mistakes, disgruntled customers and fraudulent behaviours, helping you stay in profit and preventing fraudulent money from entering your business.

Covid-19 Has Changed Payment Habits

We all know how dirty money is, however since the Covid-19 outbreak, cash payments have declined due to the risk of contamination. Switching to contactless means customers can maintain social distancing, paying safely and hygienically. A contactless approach can give customers the confidence to shop with you and highlight your commitment to Covid-19 safety.

Final thoughts…

Introduce contactless payments into your business today and start reaping the benefits.  


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