Television maker TCL is getting in on the Smartphone business and reportedly working on at least five devices. Four of them are Tablets and Smartphones folding horizontally or vertically, inward or outward, but the last one is a TCL’s foldable phone that bends into a smartwatch.

It is expected that TCL will unveil its first foldable phone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. However, TCL will release the device in 2020, confirmed by TCL’s company executive to CNET.

One tablet has a display that folds inward, while the other has a display on the outside. The smartphones bend at the horizontal line like a traditional flip phone and have two variants that fold on the inside and outside. The last one is a phone that can bend around your wrist like a bracelet.

The foldable phone will be hot trending technology topic of 2019. Where several smartphone OEMs have already teased or unveiled their foldable phones, its good to see newcomers like TCL also joined the competition and unveil some promising patents.

Last year, Lenovo also showcased a foldable device ‘Lenovo CPlus‘ that could wrap around the wrist to bend into a smartwatch. Now it seems like a TCL’s foldable phone is based on the same concept and bringing you a phone that curves into a smartwatch.

The only proof that has surfaced about the device is currently is the rendered images and no other information is available including the price tag or the launch date. However, it is expected that TCL will unveil the device in MWC 2019 and will release in next year.

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