Users are surfing on the Internet using special browser programs. The number of browsers is very large nowadays. But not every browser can guarantee acceptable speed, convenience, and safety. Therefore, most of them can be safely written off.

Comparison of The Best Browsers

Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla – The Professional Analysis of Top Browsers

This article will be devoted to a comparative analysis of three well-known browsers that have gained a positive reputation from millions of users from around the world. After reading the comparison, you can choose the most appropriate option for yourself.

The Interface

If a person is met by clothes, then the browser will be evaluated with the convenience of its interface. The average Internet user spends a lot of time in it, so the convenience of navigating through the pages and using other browser functions is of paramount importance.

  • Google Chrome, like most products of the same name, follows the principles of minimalism. In this browser, you will not find unnecessary buttons and menus that are very easy to get confused. All those functions that most users do not need, conveniently hidden. If the need arises in them, they can be pulled out by ticking the settings.
  • Opera may look confusing when you first meet it because the developers included all imaginable and inconceivable functions in the standard panel. Some of them, of course, will find their application. For example, a built-in express panel that allows you to quickly navigate to your favorite pages (similar to bookmarks, but more practical). But the rest of the unused functions will have to be removed manually. In addition to facilitating navigation, this can have a positive effect on performance.
  • Mozilla Firefox in its basic configuration is quite simple and uncomplicated. There are several classic navigation buttons located in familiar places. Additional functions and themes are set by users themselves.

The Performance

Comparison of The Best Browsers

Browser performance directly affects the speed of loading pages and the use of computer resources. It is unlikely that users might like the fact that they have to wait an extra few seconds each time they turn a page or endure a systematic system hang.

  • A high-tech engine Javascript 8 is processing pages in Google Chrome browser, which allows you to download animations and other complex elements almost instantly. On the other hand, the browser is quite demanding of RAM, quickly filling it. If you want to use this browser without difficulty, opening 5-7 or more tabs, your system should be from 1 gigabyte of RAM and above. Still, many PC users (unlike laptop users) prefer it more. That is why they are searching to get google chrome download for pc so often.
  • Fans of the Opera will argue, but the fact remains that the browser has performance problems. Some scripts are processed slowly enough, hardware acceleration “speeds up” not enough, and better extensions do not abuse, as they are quite active in taking computer resources. We’ll have a couple of hours to dig into the settings of the Opera, in order to fix all these unpleasant trivia. The Internet is full of guides on how to properly optimize this browser.
  • Mozilla Firefox is located on its engine, called Gecko, and is written in XUL (also its production) markup language. This reason led to a noticeable slowdown in the performance and loading of pages on low-power systems, as well as portable devices using the desktop browser version. RAM is also consumed in large quantities. Although, if you have a modern computer and not junk from 2007, there will be no problems for you.

Additional Features & Helpful Functions

Comparison of The Best Browsers

Many are already so accustomed to the additional functionality of browsers that completely abandoned the additional software like stationary players or “readers.”

  • Google Chrome browser will satisfy, even the most demanding user. Among the functions, you can highlight tight integration with all Google services, cloud storage (bookmarks, extensions, etc., is stored on the company’s servers, you don’t make sense to bother with backup) and read documents in common formats. For everything else, there are free modules, of which there are several thousand in the official repository. Special attention is given to the expansion of AdBlock Plus, which allows you to get rid of annoying banner ads and forced redirection to unknown pages.
  • Opera is primarily remarkable for its built-in express panel, which we have already talked about earlier. To get a similar function, users of other browsers will need to install a special extension or plugin. People with disabilities or just lazy individuals who do not want to drum on the keys will love the plug-in voice control. Of course, it is still far from ideal, but it is quite possible to control the browser through it.
  • Mozilla Firefox features also deserve attention. The browser in the basic functionality has a pop-up blocker, an automatic mechanism for live search in dictionaries and much more. If you can not find any function, look for it in the extension store. By the number of plug-ins, Mozilla is ahead of each of the survey participants.


According to the results of the evaluation, an undoubted favorite was chosen – Google Chrome browser It guarantees fast, convenient, and safe work for most users. The remaining browsers are recommended only in specific cases.

Opera will help provide partial anonymity and will not transfer your data anywhere (while Google Chrome and other projects based on this development have repeatedly sinned like this).

And Mozilla will appeal to those who need really wide functionality – it has no equal in the number of additions and extensions.


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