Advanced & Adaptive Network Technology or the ANT+ is the state of the art wireless technology that uses a bare minimum of power. It is mainly used to transfer the data from sensory devices. The technology has many uses in a number of fields like automobile industry, logistics and shipment. However, the latest usage of the technology is in the health and fitness industry where the technology has created a revolution of sorts.

You might have used Bluetooth devices including fitness bands, or headsets that pairs with your mobile phone. When compared to the wifi technology Bluetooth consumes lesser power. However, the ANT+ uses much less when compared to the Bluetooth.

Advantages of Using the App

Vingo is one of the latest apps that uses the ANT+ for detecting activity. The app can be easily paired with many exercise machines like a treadmill or the stationary cycle. Many treadmills come with in-built ANT+ sensors in the model. However, if your machinery does not have the facility, you can easily buy these sensors and pair it with your devices like computer systems or mobile phones. 

The best part with the Vingo is that it can detect how many kilometres of distance you run on the treadmill or how many kilometres you cycle on the exercise machine. This data is then used to extrapolate other data like the number of calories burnt, potential weight loss benefits, etc.

Prominent Features of the App

The Vingo app comes with many other features that differentiates the app from the rest of the league. You can pair the app with many devices like a treadmill or cycle. This makes it a versatile and easy to use app. However, the most interesting part of the app is not that it can be paired with many devices. The Vingo app will use augmented reality and virtual reality to give you an immersive and innovative experience for your exercises. 

As of now, the app uses a simple screen to take you to attractive and challenging landscapes that makes your exercise exciting. It primarily works on Windows devices as of now. The app is presently under development and many more versions of the app are about to come in the future. You can soon use the app in Android devices and iOS devices. The Macbook version of the app is also under development. 

In exercises, sustaining the motivation levels at the same is the hardest thing. Due to dwindling motivation levels, many people lose their focus and go back to unhealthy practices. Soon the app can be used on all devices and you can take it anywhere with you. This will help you to stay motivated.

Install the Fitness App Today

The fitness app provides other options like customisation of personal avatars that decides how you look inside the game. The urgent care needs to be taken from the developers to enhance the user experience of the app. Within a short period of time, the app has received many likes and subscriptions as it provides urgent care for the users. So, if you are thinking about concentrating on your health, then Vingo is the way to go.


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