Without the right talent, any company is unlikely to prosper. To get the most out of the talent you already have, and to give yourself the best chance of attracting new talent, you’ll need access to good HR. The scale of your HR operation, and the number of HR jobs available, should be proportionate to your business. This might mean training an existing member of staff to take on the role alongside other duties, it might mean bringing in a specialist, or it might mean setting up an entire department.

HR is one of those investments whose benefits are often intangible and difficult to quantify. So what reason is there to emphasise HR?

The Role of HR

Human Resources departments deal with anything related to the people who work in your organisation. In practice, this means that HR professionals, and HR departments, must perform several different functions. These include hiring, induction, discipline, training, compensation, dispute resolution and providing support to employees wherever appropriate and necessary. 

Given the importance of HR, the head of department will often work in close collaboration with upper management. As such, they might find themselves helping to make decisions which ultimately shape the broader future of the business.

Better Internal Communication

Among the most important roles played by HR is that of transmitting the instructions of upper management to the people who’ll actually be carrying out those instructions. This might take various forms.

To-do lists

Providing staff with a list of tasks that they’re expected to do in a given timeframe is something that HR might do. Often, the workers themselves are given a degree of autonomy. The extent of micromanagement will often depend on the size and shape of the business. 


When there’s a sudden change in company policy, it’s vital that messages be gotten across to the appropriate staff. This is another critical function of the HR department: they can not only broadcast the alert, but follow-up and ensure that it’s been properly understood. That way, misunderstandings don’t have the opportunity to sit there and fester over months.

Vacancy Announcements

When a job opportunity opens up, the HR team can ensure that everyone in the company is made aware of it. This allows the company to make better use of the staff that it already has, and creates and atmosphere of opportunity. Plus, it helps to cast a wider net for potential candidates, and makes recruitment that much more effective.

In many cases, these tasks can be automated, leaving the HR team with the capacity to focus on the tasks to which human beings are suited: namely consulting with other human beings and empathising with them. In this sense, HR departments are among the chief beneficiaries of the modern revolution in data-driven business practices.


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