Modern technology ushered in new ways to boost work efficiency in and out of the office. Spawning discussions all around is the employee monitoring software that allows you to keep track of all the tasks employees do – in the progress of finished. 

Naturally, as soon as we hear the word monitoring, we always think it connotes something negative, but that’s not always the case. Read below as we uncover all the benefits and slight drawbacks of using employee monitoring software.

Employee Monitoring Software

The Pros of Using Employee Monitoring Software

Businesses that don’t use employee monitoring software are seriously lagging behind and those that do, reap benefits daily. Read below as we go over the most essential benefits you can gain from using employee monitoring software.

Increased Productivity

The most obvious and paramount benefit for employers that utilize employee monitoring software is an apparent increase in productivity. Especially because numerous studies found that employees aren’t actually working through their designated work hours.

With clear data on how your employees are spending their working hours, you can observe what are the main causes of dips in performance and identify trends that boost productivity. On the other hand, without a monitoring software, you will be left guessing what impedes productivity to rise and lose valuable time and money.

Essentially, with this foolproof method, you can track all the apps and websites your employees enjoy while they are supposed to be working and you can easily address those problems in a timely manner while also being backed by facts.

Improved Team Performance

With the valuable insight into how your team performs on certain tasks, you can provide them with feedback and help them battle certain productivity bottlenecks. Many employees might need an additional motivation booster and others might be ready to take on more responsibility, allowing you to plan your projects more efficiently.

Going on, it’s a given that no one wants to work with someone that’s constantly slacking and you will likely find that your team spirit will suffer if you do not take the right measures. A cutting-edge employee monitoring software will also allow you to take high-resolution screenshots to pinpoint how the work process is flowing.

A screen monitoring software is an amazing asset to have when you are running a large workforce. You can always perform analyses via the provided screenshots or face your employees with the evidence of them slacking or committing time theft which can ultimately be the impetus to creating the perfect work team spirit.

Seamless Remote Team Management

As things stand, remote teams are becoming more and more prominent in different industries. Employees often prefer to work from the comfort of their homes and studies show that this new era of remote work might prove to be much more effective.

However, out-of-office teams are very hard to keep track of without a proper software solution. With the help of employee monitoring software, you can easily manage your remote team by monitoring all the apps and URLs they access and whether those URLs and apps are relevant to the job.

A remote team without management and proper monitoring has serious qualifications for becoming an unmitigated disaster that will negatively affect your wallet and reputation.

Employee Monitoring Software

The Negative Sides of Using Employee Monitoring Software

As with any software, there are drawbacks and cons, and the monitoring software, while not numerous, has a few. Read below as we go through the cons of using employee monitoring software.

Cost in Time and Resources

Finding the best employee tracking software on the market can be a process of trial and error which can ultimately prove very costly. Resources aside, you will also have to allocate a lot of energy and time to learn all the ins and outs of the software in order to perfect the management process.

To make this process easier, make sure that you go through all the reviews of the software you want to procure for your team and let other people’s experiences shape your decision.

Feeling of Distrust

Although many employees are familiar with what an employee monitoring software brings to the table in terms of benefits, some might feel as if their privacy is at stake. You can try to explain how monitoring their performance can improve their overall work efficiency and that the software goals are strictly professional.

To implement monitoring software the right way, be very forward about your method of operation with your employees. The best course of action would be to inform all of your employees that you will be monitoring them and in which areas to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings.

Final Thoughts

Employee tracking software can bring a lot of benefits and improve the work efficiency of your employees. That is why many businesses choose to invest in one.

The drawbacks of using this type of software are minimal, and they can be easily avoided through open communication between the employer and the employee.


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