Use of Technology in Sports Field Maintenance

Technology became an inseparable part of all of the major industries, which is why it’s not really surprising that it’s also reshaping the sports industry. Aside from all of the obvious ways in which modern technology changed the sports world landscape, nowadays there are numerous other, less obvious technological solutions being used on a regular basis. From smart irrigation systems and the use of GPS line marking machine, to various forms of laser leveling equipment here are just some of the examples of how modern tech helps streamline and optimize sports field maintenance. 

Optimized irrigation systems

Proper irrigation plays a huge role in sports field maintenance, especially when it comes to sports like football, soccer, baseball, golf or tennis. No matter which type of surface we’re talking about – be it grass, clay or a mix of both, all of them benefit from proper irrigation that will ensure that the field or court stays in the best possible condition throughout the season. Modern irrigation systems can accurately calculate the exact optimal amount of moisture needed which not only helps keep the surface in mint condition but also helps preserve water and reduce unnecessary waste of this valuable resource.  

Error-free field marking

No matter if a field is being marked for the first time, or the existing markings simply require some touch-ups, relying on a reliable piece of technology, such as GPS-powered marking machines made things significantly easier. Since marking a field requires a lot of time and precision, and involves many steps, it’s obvious how such a machine can come in quite handy. The use of such technology ensures that all of the markings are accurate and equally spaced out, making the process of marking the field faster, easier and overall more precise. 

Laser field leveling equipment

Last but not least, we have the laser field leveling solutions. Ground leveling laser solutions help to ensure that any underfoot surface is entirely leveled which not only makes playing on the field more comfortable, but it also helps to prevent any accidents from happening. Such a piece of technology is particularly valuable for horse racing tracks where a simple imperfection on the tracks can result in dire consequences for both jockeys and horses. 

As you can see, technology is being used in every part of the sports industry, and its use is not only limited to the most obvious solutions. Instead, there are numerous tools and machines used to help with less obvious tasks, such as field maintenance. 


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