It is not as easy to create a software product as it seems at first glance.  A serious approach to business is definitely needed here.  There are four options for solving this problem, which we will now consider.  Looking ahead, however, the best option would be to turn to the Fireart professionals.

Let’s move on to solutions.

Hire programmers on the staff

You need to be able to hire the “right” programmers.  In fact, 80% of the work is done by 20% of employees.  If you do not find those who do and can set tasks for the rest, the budget will be wasted.

Motivating programmers is also quite a serious task.  This category of employees is very specific, and the ability to motivate is a special talent.

You need to protect your product from theft.  So that it does not happen that for your money they will develop and transfer information to competitors or they themselves will open a competing company.

If the project is small and its development will take up to six months, it makes no sense to hire programmers on the staff.  The employer must give the employee certain social guarantees, pay taxes for him, pay sick leave, holidays, etc.  This is not rational.

Find freelancers

In this case, firstly, you are deprived of the entire burden of the employer.  Secondly, this is the cheapest way: freelance programmers cost less, because they usually have no experience working on serious projects.  But they can easily complete a typical template project.  Freelancers who work well usually have several clients and several projects at the same time.  Therefore, 95% of those who completed the task are likely to miss the deadline.  Unscrupulous freelancers are common.  Some people like to supplement their portfolio with other people’s work.  Others take prepayment and disappear.  There are many newcomers on the exchanges who are not very much of themselves, but know how to advertise.  And even if you can find decent specialists, they are unlikely to be able to work on your project 20 hours a week.  The probability that the project will be completed on time is about 5%.

There are two ways to save on software development.

* If the project is small.

* If the implementation of the task is not critical.

If the project requires 5 programmers, consider what the mistake in the choice of the executor can result in.  Let’s say you hire five programmers, and only a year later, when the result is due, it turns out that the task is entrusted to unqualified people.

For large projects, freelancers who have no experience of participating in multi-year projects are not suitable.  Their prerogative is small one-time tasks.

Freelance team

Essentially the same as hiring a few freelancers.  If there is no legal entity, there is no management and backbone in the team, with the first force majeure, the team crumbles.  Coworking spaces tend to be just as unstable, uncontrollable and unpredictable in their behavior as solo performers.

In order for the organization to avoid serious disruptions, you need a highly paid experienced leader who is able to solve emerging problems without harming the customer.  Frequently, “free artists” neglect the management component.  And in the team of solid performers there is no one to analyze tasks, change people, look for new ones, motivate them and bring the development to completion when the slightest difficulties arise.

Professional organizations

There are many software companies, the degree of reliability is different.  When considering them, it is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects.

-How is the project management function implemented.

– Replacement of employees.

-Reputation of the company, customer reviews.

-Designed products like yours.

-Finished developments in the form of knowledge or, possibly, source code.

-Existence of experience in implementing similar projects.

-Organizational issues: availability of ready-made legal documentation, professional contract, speed of interaction, etc.

When negotiating with a company, it is not necessary to assess the qualifications of individual employees.  First, in the course of work, programmers exchange knowledge.  Secondly, it is possible to staff a team with people of a certain orientation: one, for example, to entrust the development of video surveillance, the other – to create a payment system.

HR software development services are the most expensive, but also the most reliable solution.  The price is due to the fact that the organization has additional overhead costs and a permanent team of professionals.  The profitability and longevity of the company testifies to rational management and the repeated fulfillment of the obligations undertaken in terms of cost and timing.

This option is for those who need serious software products, who create highly loaded unique projects and complex services from scratch.  In order not to be mistaken, choose either a specialized organization or a multidisciplinary one, but always having experience in creating similar products.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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