It’s easy to get to grips with adding text to a website, and you will get to the point where you could do it in your sleep. However, if you want to boost your employment prospects, you’ll need to show off a lot more than this. Web development is one of the most competitive industries around, so you have to be on your game and at your very best to ensure you stand out and win any role you apply for. Here are four useful tips to become more employable.  

Work With Languages You Enjoy 

This sounds like an obvious suggestion, but considering how intense coding and development can be, you may as well feel comfortable and confident with the language you use. You don’t see writers working with genres they despise, so why would a developer be any different. If you’re new to web development, you can choose from the best programming languages and get a taster of each before you find your favorite. If you’re more experienced, you should already know which language you are best in, so put energy into perfecting your skills. 

Never Settle On Your Skills 

You might think you know it all, but the chances of you really knowing it all are slim. With the rate at which web development evolves, you can never settle on what you know. You don’t want to fall behind or stagnate, as this will affect your chances of being employed. It’s important to continuously educate yourself, so do smaller personal projects while applying for jobs, or add skills to your portfolio by looking at API projects for beginners or other skills that can make you a more well-rounded developer. 

Boost Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is one of the most important factors in boosting your employability, so you’ll need to create a strong and detailed list of past projects. For inexperienced developers, this might seem impossible, which is why you may need to work on your own projects rather than those for clients. At the very least, this gives employers an idea of what you can do and shows that you have the right attitude.  

Offer Your Services Worldwide 

If you’re struggling to find work at home, you can consider alternatives that might increase your chances of being employed. Developers have the benefit of using international freelancing to reach a broader range of people looking for workers. Because you don’t need to be in an office, you can work with anyone anywhere in the world. However, some rates might not reflect your ability or the time it takes to complete a project, so do not undersell yourself, as this creates a bad precedent for other projects. Beginners and experienced developers can benefit from freelancing, especially in between jobs or to build experience. 


While web development is competitive, you can take assurance from the fact that everyone needs a web developer, and many companies and organizations will require an entire team. Still, you can’t expect that this will be enough, and you must do everything you can to boost your employability in as many ways as possible.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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