Now days, more and more people using led strip light to decorating our home. Led strip light with a led aluminum profile will give affects the overall mood and ambiance of our room.

The led strip light is a very good lighting material of indoor decoration. It can be very easy to use. And it can be giving us many different shapes, sizes, and different colors. It has many benefits when we compared with traditional lighting systems. Some of the benefits as following.

  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Long lifespan
  • Sturdy & Rugged
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Exceptional Color Rendering
  • Controllable

Stairway Lighting with Lightstec tape light

Decoration in a traditional way normally will not be lighting the stairway. Because the lamp is very big and not easy in a small place.The led strip light is the best lighting way to change this matter. Lightstec top best quality led strip light will give stairways a very good lighting effect.

Normally, the stairways lighting needs to be designed mixing the style and modern components available in the lighting market. And lighting the stairway will give your senses of elegance and safety.

Things you need to think about before you are lighting up the stairway.

  • Determining the amount of required light
  • Led strip light, led aluminum profile, led power supply
  • A brief inspection of the stairway for darker areas
  • Determining the placement of the lights
  • Choosing the right style for your home
  • Calculating the number of fixtures required
  • Considering the additional light-up

Where to install the led strip light in the stairways.

When you think about the stairway lighting, you have to think about where to install the led strip light.

Some of the houses you can ask the worker to install when you are decoration the hours. That will convenient.And is your house is not a new house, you can install the strip light by yourself. While you are doing, you have to consider carefully where wire the strip light.

Here are 4 sections where you can position your stairway lighting effectively:

Strip light in foot of the stairway

Foot Level Lighting adds a dramatic effect on the stairway playing with lights & shadow. They are mounted at every footstep of the stairs. Placing it at an inward angle will create a sweeping beam that gives a dramatic feel to the place. To make them more visible, you can also place these lights in front of the steps.

If the design of your stairs permits, you can place lights can under the stair lid to create an attractive down lighting effect. This particular contemporary design helps to get a glorified look when you have a converted basement.

Strip light in wall of the stairway

Wall mounted lighting is less dramatic but definitely an elegant option. These are basically spotlights that are embedded into the wall with altering frequency to illuminate the staircase. They grab your attention and can be uniquely designed, which will be undoubtedly superior to ceiling lighting.

Strip light in the ceiling of the stairway

Ceiling Mounted Lighting is perhaps the most common option to form an attractive effect. It is one of the oldest methods of interior decoration. We, in general, can simply visualize it, which makes it less dramatic. Another drawback of ceiling lighting is the high maintenance that it will cost. The smartest option in ceiling lighting can be thought off, only when we use a chandelier above the staircase.

Strip light under the stairway

Under-stairs lighting is a new kid in the block but the most dramatically used in terms of effects. While mounting this surface mount led aluminum profile technique, you need a slight space between the stairs and the wall. Here you can experiment with different colors and small lights like flexible adhesive LED strip lights, that will enhance your stairway’s beauty. Undoubtedly, under-stair lighting gives you an ultramodern gaze to your space which grabs the attention of any individual.

Spiral Staircase is the best way to incorporate this method using colors as well. From the foundation of the stairs, the lighting effect you get is just like using a soft light chandelier.

Strip light with motion sensor

Motion Sensor Lighting has become possible just like the James Bond movies with the advent of LED Lights in our modern way of living. It is incorporated with motion sensors, which turns on & off automatically with a slight motion in the area they installed in. Just imagine how convenient it is for light turning on with your every step and changing color with the next!

Repair & Replacement of strip lights

In staircase lighting, maintenance is often overlooked. Eventually, it will turn into a problem that is hard to ignore. Mostly, we opt for LED lights, but even they are breakable. So it’s essential to ensure and uphold the practice of regular maintenance of your stairway lights.

However, it is important, how you choose your stairway lighting and can be tricky at the same time as well. Dig deep and research before you opt for an option.


Creativity is limitless. Here just a few of our ideas of lighting the stairway. You can think more than this. We are warm welcome if you have any new ideas to share with us about using led lighting in your home.


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