A good content is the king. But still there are some things you need to do to rank your content on different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

To optimize the content, every CMS provides some features. Sitecore CMS also provides functionality that helps the content editors to optimize their content.

Sitecore is now serving to world’s many popular websites and the number is increasing daily. In this article, we will discuss about the five Sitecore SEO practices.

1.Proper Meta Tags

Whenever you are selecting a meta description and title, use the keywords wisely inside the section. When a search engine looking for a relevant page for a user’s query, the first item the crawler search is the URL, Title tag and meta description. If they found something relevant to the user’s query then those pages have a better chance to be displayed in the top 10 positions in the search engine ranking pages (SERP). 

2. Keyword Research

Whatever CMS you use, without using proper keywords you can’t driving traffic to your website. To do this task perfectly, first signify your target audience. Then research the keywords targeting to the geolocation. If your target audience is local region based then focus on local keywords. Every local region has its own trends of searching. You can use the Google’s free tool Keyword Planner for this purpose. This is one of the best tools that provides reliable data. Otherwise, you can use paid tools like AHRF, Semrush. When you have prepared a list of selected keywords, use them properly on different sections like meta description and inside the contents

3. Structure Data Markup

Maximum search engines now use structure data to gain the perfect information about the page. By using schema markup, you can send the search engine proper instruction about your page’s content. The H1 tags only indicates different section of a page to the search engine like H1, H2, etc. But schema markup send proper information about the page like the section is a recipe, FAQ, how-to, products or review. There are different schema generator websites, you just need to select the schema type and provide the content details. Your schema data will be prepared automatically. Connect the data using GTM or you can install different plugins to implement the data correctly. Finally, you can check the page in Google’s schema markup test tool to know your page is eligible for schema markup or not.

4. Proper Linking

Your pages linking structure should be easily discoverable by the search engines. Only a sitemap can not be the solution for the indexing issue. Every important page in your site should be interlinked properly. Such that search engines can get the information about the pages. As well as inter links you should care about the external links. A link from a good site always has a role to boost the ranking but a spammy external link can harm your site’s health badly. If you found something suspicious in your external link profile, just disavow the link or you may reach out to the admins with a request for link removal

5. Image Optimization 

Probably you noticed some website’s images are ranked no top for image search or shopping search in Google but those pages content are not ranking well. This is because their images are unique and well optimized. If you are running a product-based website, first thing you need to do a clean photography on your products then optimize them. For optimizing you just need to select proper title, alt text and image description. Among these field, most important is alt text. You must describe the alt text less than 125 characters. Do not over optimize the image with including the focus keyword unnecessarily. You should take care these type of things from the very beginning otherwise it would be a hectic situation when you will find thousands of keywords without alt text. In this circumstance you can seek assistance from a sitecore SEO agency. Once you found a reputed agency for your site, the rest is assured.


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