At the border of creativity and technology are modern artists. Their jobs are to take the most innovative and powerful ideas they have and use some of the unique tools available to bring them into reality. Without technology, modern artists wouldn’t be able to create some of the most beautiful creations made today.

Yet, gadgets for artists can get pricy. Creativity-oriented technology usually serves a niche, unique purpose and as a result, the price for owning it goes up.

Despite the price of their tools going up, artists’ salaries have stayed the same since the dark ages. Sometimes, they rely on gadget gifts from others to get the tools they need.

That’s where you come in. If you have an artist in your life, be sure to equip with them with the technology they need to express themselves.

Not only will they appreciate your gift and the support you have for their craft, but you may also inadvertently help change the world. You never know what change art can bring.

Keep reading below to learn about some of the best gadgets artists can use to create some of their most inspiring and powerful works.

1. Laptop Trays Are the Simplest and Best Gadgets for Artists

Not all gadgets need to have the latest computer chips built into them or cost into the thousands. Sometimes, a finely crafted piece of wood can do the trick and help get creative juices flowing. That’s the beauty of a good laptop tray: it’s simple, yet effective.

With one, you can lie in bed and still get as much work done as if you were at your desk. You can wake up and get immediately to work without ever having to get out of bed. Not only does that save you time, but it also means you can go right back to sleep once your work is done.

You may never need to leave your bed again with one!

2. Bullet Notebooks Make Creativity Simple

A notebook is a powerful tool in any artists’ arsenal. With one, artists can dot down the valuable ideas that may otherwise slip away the second they refocus their mind. by carrying around a notebook, you can remember those ideas that you always seem to forget as soon as they come.

Why not invest in the notebook and let it have a bit more functionality than any traditional looseleaf notebook? A bullet notebook will let you draw quick sketches, or design quick plot structure by simply following a grid of bullet-dots. You can write in one just like any other notebook, but you can also pour out more than just words in one.

3. A Powerful Backpack to Keep Devices Powered

Artists aren’t the recluses they’re sometimes made out to be. In fact, many believe that to truly create good art, they need to experience the world around them. They believe that traveling is a part of what makes them an artist.

And traveling a lot means devices lose their charge, a lot. Yet, with a backpack equipped with a charger, artists can go longer and farther than ever before. They can explore the deepest woods or explore foreign cities without having to ever worry about charging their phone, laptop, or drawing tablets.

4. Artists are Always Pressed for Espresso

One stereotype that is usually true about artists is that they drink coffee — a lot. Art is hard work, and creating good art will almost always leave a person toiling away long into the night. No matter where an artist goes, they should take some coffee with them.

With a portable coffee maker artists will never be without their favorite beverage. This gadget allows anyone to make a shot of espresso, anywhere. That means it doesn’t matter if an artist is capturing a landscape at the edge of society or are working on a project in the middle of the night. They’ll always be able to have some coffee.

5. Interviews are a Part of The Writing Process

Being a writer was once known as the loneliest profession — yet that stereotype is simply not true. To write well, writers need to talk to people and learn information. They need to engage with the people around them and document their experiences with the world around them.

To do that accurately, writers should invest in a voice recorder. With a voice recorder, writers will be able to look up from their notepad and actually engage with the world. They won’t have to worry about documenting everything accurately if it’s automatically recorded for them.

That means they’ll be able to focus on what matters most: writing.

6. Drawing Tablets Make Ideas Digital

There was once a time when an artist just needed a sketch pad and a pencil. With those two things, they could build a portfolio and establish their own unique style. Yet, those times ended a long time ago.

Now, artists need to find a way to digitize their creations before they can ever hope to be noticed. If their work isn’t on the internet and can’t be viewed on smartphones or laptops, they simply won’t be able to build an audience. They won’t ever rise on Google, and they may never get to share their art.

By getting a drawing tablet, artists won’t need to worry about digitizing their creations.

Drawing tablets simulate the experience of drawing on paper with a pencil. Only instead of worrying about scanning their creations into a computer and losing quality in the process, their art is done digitally. And since they’re inherently digital, works maintain their quality through transfers, and artists have access to a wider variety of tools.

Creative Professionals Need Tech to Help

No professional can without technology in today’s digital environment — and artists aren’t any different. In fact, using technology is an integral part of their jobs. They’re meant to use any tool available to them to express themselves and share their perspectives on the world. The more tools they have, the better artists they can be.

Gadgets for artists aren’t just gadgets — they’re essential parts of their unique process. To them, technology is just an ever-improving series of tools they can use to do their jobs. And just like anyone else, artists need to stay informed on the tech industry to learn how their tools may change.

For that, there’s us. Keep reading here, and we’ll make sure you learn about the latest tech trends, so you can stay updated while you work on your craft!


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