Are you following IT support trends? The importance of high-quality IT support is tremendous in 2022, given the change in working environments.

The pandemic has changed not just every aspect of our personal lives but our professional lives as well. Two years ago, nobody predicted that a vast majority of office workers would be working from the comfort of their homes. Nowadays, remote working seems to be here to stay.

The way that tech support is provided might have a negative impact on the work of employees. Virtually half of the remote workers have had issues with the time amount necessary for IT issues to be solved.
These are the top IT support trends businesses should consider in 2022.

Intelligent Automation

A prominent IT support trend for 2022 will be intelligent automation. Since remote staff tends to be away from their computers at certain times during the working day, businesses have to learn how to keep on operating. There are multiple technologies that minimize the dependence on manual and repetitive tasks, including natural language processing, intelligent language processing, and Robotic machine tending. See this URL to gain a better understanding of natural language processing.

Not only do these technologies minimize the dependence on manual tasks, but they also eliminate the risk of human error, present in the completion of important tasks. Unlike real-time collaboration, remote work has forced businesses to rely on collaborative technologies as the main mode of communication.

The use of intelligent automation strategies provides businesses with a competitive advantage, which is of great importance when expanding globally. Intelligent automation is thought to improve efficiency and almost eliminates the need for businesses to place employees to be in charge of time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Instead, their focus will be placed on executing more collaborative and creative tasks.

Better remote IT support

Another IT support trend for 2022 is the improvement in the field of tech support. Nowadays, more than ever, employees are getting used to the flexibility they get from working remotely, as it helps them work around personal errands, responsibilities related to childcare, and other forms of family commitments. Employees only require a functioning computer/laptop and a stable internet connection to complete their duties.

Nevertheless, a large percentage of remote workers have reported waiting as many as five hours for a tech issue to be solved as part of their remote working experience. Remote IT support isn’t a new thing, as it existed long before COVID-19. Since working remotely wasn’t a very popular trend pre-Covid, there was no need for 24/7 tech support.

IT support, however, had to evolve due to the ongoing trend of working flexible hours. There is a multitude of IT partners, such as TCG, offering premium tech support. Today, virtually every work laptop is equipped with TeamViewer and other remote desktop applications. Besides such apps, asset management software tools have become commonplace as well, as these tools extend the lifespan of devices by predicting and impeding issues prior to happening.

Hybrid clouds

Another tech trend for 2022 is the evolution of hybrid clouds. The cloud has gradually become a standard way of business software deployment. It provides business owners with an array of benefits, including easier support and maintenance, improved cybersecurity, and others. There are public and private clouds for companies to explore. The former is accessible everywhere, whereas the latter is accessible internally.

Some businesses have realized that using a single type of cloud has its own disadvantages. Therefore, businesses have started experimenting with new solutions, which involve multiple instead of a single cloud. Hybrid clouds combine private cloud infrastructures with public clouds, which enables more efficient distribution of workload and keeping essential data on a local cloud.

Rise of remote work

Remote working will continue to be a trend in 2022 due to the pandemic, which has speeded up the shift to digital work. Companies that provided their employees with the alternative to work remotely have been witnesses to numerous benefits, such as better productivity, higher morale, and lower office overhead.

The rise of remote work has triggered the development of different collaborative apps. The uniqueness of certain industries makes their technology needs specific as well. Fortunately, experienced technical support providers are capable of providing personalized support to companies from various industries. These specialists come up with tailor-made solutions to help businesses overcome their obstacles. This link,, explains the current and future trends of remote work.

Intelligent Digital Assistants

Another tech trend predicted to be prominent in 2022 is the intelligent digital assistant. The abilities of digital assistants are experiencing constant improvements every year. Their applications in the business world are mainly linked to customer service.

Intelligent digital assistants are considered very effective at providing customer support, keeping consumers notified about important updates and providing product recommendations. While digital assistants are excellent for providing customer support, IT support is indispensable for solving remote work issues on a daily basis.

Cybercrime Reduction

Cybercrime has turned into a major threat for businesses of all sizes, along with customers. The speedy development of modern technology has resulted in an increase in cybercrime, which has to be reduced for businesses not to fall victim to cyberattacks. Therefore, IT support providers are doing their best to prevent cyberattacks and combat the threat.

The consequences of security breaches are severe, meaning securing the resources should be a top priority of every business. Since businesses aren’t exactly capable of addressing these threats by themselves, they require professional assistance. IT support providers provide breach prevention and detection, solid network security, encryption, filtering content, etc.

The use of artificial intelligence is believed to reduce the risk of cyberattacks happening in real-time. AI is able to automate responses to cyberattacks and predict attacks in the future by using the data from previous ones.

Everything as a Service (XaaS)

Another trend worth the attention in 2022 is everything as a service (XaaS). This term represents a combination of SaaS (software-as-a-service), IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service), and PaaS (platform-as-a-service). Businesses interested in expanding their business operations out of the office are highly recommended to follow this step.

Moreover, XaaS makes the journey of running a business much simpler. Instead of building your business system from scratch, you can subscribe to various services and facilitate the process. This enables you to focus on the development of services and products that customers want.

IT Services

Another way for businesses to be trendy in 2022 is by using IT services. Tech support providers offer comprehensive maintenance for the infrastructure of businesses. Unless your infrastructure is maintained properly, there will be frequent downtime and breaks. Downtime is neither good for you nor your customers.

IT professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in cleaning up server storage by relying on virtual solutions or migrating to services that already exist. Additionally, businesses are bound to deal with challenging tech decisions for which IT support experts provide the best guidance and help companies make informed choices.

Voice and Face Recognition

Voice and face recognition technologies will continue to be a rising tech trend in 2022. The developments made in the fields of neural networks and machine learning contribute to their improvement. Advanced algorithms for face recognition have no trouble distinguishing between faces and backgrounds, even if the images are obscure and of low resolution.

Furthermore, IT experts rely on face recognition to improve app security, particularly the applications handling sensitive information. Conversely, voice recognition is important as well, as it delivers a better customer experience. According to some statistics forecasts, voice searches will exceed fifty percent of all searches in 2022.

Focus on Employee Experience for IT Service Desks

Employee experience is expected to be a key focus for IT service desks in 2022. The pandemic has emphasized the need for maximizing employee productivity. Anyhow, IT performance plays an essential role in the performance of employees. By placing the focus on the employee experience in 2022, employee productivity is predicted to rise as well.

Nevertheless, most businesses are concerned about IT support operating costs incurred by the crisis caused by the pandemic. Their main concern will be to find a way to reduce these costs without affecting employee productivity. However, businesses should bear in mind that IT support returns are higher than its costs in view of employee productivity.

Final Thoughts

Tech support is essential for remote working.
It’s the only way for workers to remain productive!


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