Prepaid cellular services have come a long way. Just the other day, they were viewed as the least favorite option primarily because of spotty coverage and the fact that you couldn’t use LTE service. All that is in the past now; thanks to the proliferation of LTE across the country which has allowed major carriers to let their high-speed networks be used by MVNOs.

While we are on the topic of MVNOs, let’s talk about the two leading ones – Straight Talk and Total Wireless.  How do they differ?

How they work

Total Wireless and Straight Talk both operate under TracFone Inc. but they are like two peas in a pod. Here’s how each one works:

Total wireless

Total Wireless focuses on both shared and personal plans and is devoid of monthly bills and activation fees. If you have an existing phone, all you do is take it to an official retailer such as Walmart and select the plan that fits you best.

Alternatively, you can choose a phone from the store and have your plan installed on your new phone. Basically, if you live with other people and don’t require a lot of mobile data, Total Wireless is the best caller service to use. It offers an affordable cell phone service to customers with high cellular usage than all the low-cost options of TracFone.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk, on the other hand, is a reserve for individuals who use mobile data heavily and those who can compromise a little on internet data speeds. Unlike Total Wireless which covers both groups and individuals, Straight Talk only provides personal prepaid plans. With this service, you can also keep your old device and number, and like in the case of Total Wireless above, get a new device in any Walmart outlet.

Monthly plans

The two prepaid caller services also have striking differences when it comes to their available monthly plans. Here are the differences:

Total Wireless

  • Plan 1: One line, unlimited talk and text time and zero data ($25/month)
  • Plan 2: one line, unlimited talk and text, and 5GB data ($35/month)
  • Plan 3: Two lines, unlimited talk and text, and a total 15GB shared data ($60/month)
  • Plan 4: Three lines, unlimited talk and text, and 20GB shared data ($85/month)
  • Plan 5: Four lines, unlimited talk and text, and 25GB shared data ($100/month)

Straight Talk

Straight Talk’s plans are quite on the expensive side. Take a look at them below:

  • Plan 1: Unlimited calls and texts, 2G, and high internet speeds for the first 2GB ($35/month)
  • Plan 2: Unlimited calls and texts, 2G, and high internet speeds for the first 10GB ($45/month)
  • Plan 3: Unlimited calls and text and high internet speeds ($55/month)
  • Plan 4: Unlimited calls and texts nationwide, high internet speeds for the first 10GB, 400 minutes to call Claro Guatemala numbers, unlimited calls to Mexico, Canada, China, and India, plus a thousand landline destinations – you have the chance to dial up to fifteen unique numbers every month ($60/month)

Pros and Cons

Now that we have looked at the plans and how each caller service operates, how about an inside look into the pros and cons?

Total Wireless


  • Reasonably-priced especially for group plans
  • Flexibility (you can add a data card)
  • No overage charges
  • International calling options
  • Doesn’t require a credit check when signing up


  • The minimum is quite high for low volume consumers
  • Doesn’t support international texts
  • The absence of unlimited high – speed data
  • Data packs are quite limited
  • Weak customer support

Straight Talk


  • Great for heavy data users
  • Allows for international calls
  • You can use an app to transfer data from old devices
  • You get to enjoy a $1 monthly discount when you enroll for the auto-fill program
  • Attractive rewarding program


  • Doesn’t have sharing plans
  • Spotty coverage sometimes
  • Data speed limitations
  • No international texts

There you have it: the main differences between Total Wireless and Straight Talk. If you happen to pick the Total Wireless as your preferred option, don’t forget that you can score a deal and save some money by using the Total Wireless coupon code. Get it online or in your local retailer and enjoy paying less for more.


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