The impact of modern technology on the young generation is both positive and negative. Unfortunately, the negative impact has overshadowed the positivity that it offers. 

This is why many technology critics advocate that parents should have control over their children’s technology consumption. How do you do this as a parent, considering that you’re not with your child 24/7? 

Thanks to the same technology, you can track your child’s phone without them knowing with Spyier. So, how do you use this spy app to track a child’s phone without their knowledge?

Part 1: Spyier-The Best App to Track Your Child’s Phone

Numerous spy apps are in the market but you must choose the best to have an effective result. This is why we recommend Spyier, the best and most reputable spy app that you can trust. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, which means it’ll work perfectly with your child’s device.

Spyier is globally recognized and trusted by millions of users all over the world. It has been recognized by different media outlets and tech platforms, and many positive reviews have been written about it. 

Some reputable platforms that have featured Spyier include CNET, PCMag, iGeekBlog, Life Wire, TechRadar, and Android Authority. 

Understandably, many parents are not as tech-savvy as their children. This is why the Spyier app is a great app for everyone. You don’t need any technical experience to use the app. If your child tries to be smart and locked their phone to prevent access, Spyier will give you full access.

Why Choose Spyier to Track your Child’s Phone

The unique features of Spyier make it stand out among its peers. With this app, you can have complete access to your child’s phone. The great part is that they won’t even have any knowledge of it. With this software, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your child again.

This is because you’ll get to monitor their online activities and have access to their real-life location. You’ll be able to view every one of their social media activities and the entire websites they visit. To give you a comprehensive idea of what Spyier has to offer, let’s look at its features.


  • Full Access to Social Media Accounts


Would you like to know who your child hangs out with on social media? Do you want to know the kind of posts and media they share? You need the Spyier app to get the job done. The app is designed to give you full access to social media accounts on the target device.

You’ll be able to view the different social media accounts where your child is logged into. These include Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram. You don’t have to touch their device to gain access. Log in to your Spyier dashboard and view all the social media activities of your child remotely.


  • Access to Text Message 


Who is your child texting? You can find the details with Spyier. The app allows you to view the incoming and outgoing text messages on your target device. The best part is that if your child deletes any text messages, Spyier will retrieve it for you. This means no secret can be kept from you.

  • Access to Real-time Location

Are you worried about the location of your child per time? Spyier gives you the real-time location of the target device, which means you get to know where your child is at every point in time. You can also set up geofencing for the device so that you’ll receive notifications when your child crosses the boundary.

Spyier App

  • Access to Web Browser History

What sites is your child visiting? Are you worried that your teenager is visiting some improper websites? You can get the facts through your Spyier dashboard. From here, you’ll be able to view the websites that your child visits, and you can confirm or dispel your suspicions about their online activities.

Spyier App

  • Access to Call Logs

Spyier app also allows you to access the call logs of the target device. If you want to know who your child talks to, check the details on your dashboard. You can listen to their conversations and even record the dialogues. 

You can view the caller ID, contact details, and other information available about the caller. Spyier also lets you view the timestamps and dates that the call occurs.

  • Access to All Installed Apps

With Spyier, you can view all apps installed on the target device. If you think your child spends too much time on their phone, they may be engaged in some apps. Spyier allows you to check all apps that have been installed on the target device and you can see the level of engagement of your child with the app.

  • Access to Advanced Keylogger Feature

The advanced Keylogger feature allows you to have access to all usernames and passwords used on the target device. The Keylogger stores all keystrokes typed on the device in an organized folder on your dashboard. This means that whatever your child types on their device, the Keylogger will capture it.

With this, you can have access to the email username and passwords, social media handles and passwords, and so on. You can log in to the social media accounts of your child with these details. You can change their social media settings or block some people you don’t want them to interact with.

Spyier App

Part 2: How to use Spyier to Track your Child’s Phone without Them Knowing for Free

The Spyier app doesn’t require any skills. It is also safe to use as it doesn’t store data transmitted to your dashboard on its server. You can log in to your Spyier dashboard through any web browser on your phone or PC. Let’s look at the steps to follow to start using the app.

Step 1: Download a free Spyier account from the official Spyier website.

Spyier App

Step 2: Select your preferred subscription, depending on the device(s) you want to monitor. You can choose the family plan if you have more than one child to monitor. If it’s just one target device, you should select the premium subscription plan.

Spyier App

Step 3: You will get a set-up wizard in your email. Follow the instruction to complete the set-up process.

Spyier App for Android Devices

If your child uses an Android device, you have to install a 2MB app on their device. When the app has been installed, it disappears from the app list and it begins to work in stealth mode. It doesn’t heat the device or takes up memory space. This makes it impossible for the app to be detected by your child.

Spyier App for iOS Devices

Spyier is also compatible with iOS devices. No installation is required for an iOS version. You only need to fill out the iCloud details of the device when completing the set-up process. When the details have been verified, the app will sync with the iCloud account. You won’t need to touch the target device to track it.

Spyier App for iOS Devices


The Spyier app works in stealth mode. You don’t have to jailbreak or root your target device. The set-up process is simple and can be completed within a few minutes. After the set-up process, you can begin to track the target device remotely. You won’t need to touch the device to monitor its activities.


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