The question has been going around for quite some time, what exactly is twitter? Is it a social networking platform or a website where you can share content? Although, to answer the question, the CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams describes Twitter as not a social networking platform rather as a content distribution platform. The difference is a lot.

A social networking platform is the technology that allows communication among different individuals through connections that are already socially existing. This allows the user to share messages, photos and events with your friends, as well as with the people you already know. 

Facebook, as a social media website is curated for actual strong connections in the real life, with the people you actually know. This is totally different from a platform that distributes content. Twitter, for example, is a content distribution platform that provides its users with appropriate information that is helpful to the client. 

Twitter is also used to represent links and at the same time, convey information to interested clients in a manner where they would be interested to see what you have to offer. The television is an example making use of the same method of showcasing, another web-based method is RSS. But on Twitter people can promote theur business and services. When they tweet, it reaches millions of people across globe if Twitter marketing is done properly. People often buy Twitter marketing serivces to be famous on Twitter.

There are many services to buy Twitter likes and followers at cheap price starting $1. Every business or service provider should take advantage of marketing their products on Twitter by increasing likes on their tweet. This will help in promoting their account on Twitter and hence more followers. You should use a manage filter or a similar app for your Twitter growth. But now manage filter has been shutdown and if you are looking for an alternative then check the below article

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A Distribution Platform

The fact that twitter can be categorised as a content distribution platform is quite obvious. There have been cases where media organisations like CNN have posted their links to an interesting news and it has led to over a million users checking that out. Conclusive evidence that tweeting can be an effective way to increase your business if you use it cleverly.

A Social Network

The fact that twitter can be considered as a social networking platform is dependent upon a single thing. If you happen to use Twitter, you might already know that no matter how weak your connection is with the account, you will still be able to get daily updates from it. That is, even if you stalk someone vaguely related to you, you will be able to find out what they have been doing through their Twitter account if they happen to have one. The site has been able to take connections that are considered weak and has managed to influence the two individuals that friends you meet online can stay for the rest pf your life. 

Twitter is a bewildering place, on one hand, we see that thirty per cent of the tweets are replies to original tweets. But, at the same time, we also come across numerous accounts who do not have a single follower a failed to post even a single tweet. This proves that whenever someone is opening am account on Twitter, they are either looking to be famous in their niche or looking to establish connections with contacts they are not so chummy with. When any business starts their account on twitter it is advisable to always promote their account to grow followers as reach is less. They should advertise or take service from twitter marketing agencies to buy twitter retweets and favorites. These marketing agencies also provide followers, so you can buy twitter followers $1 service to see how it help in increasing the followers and your account.


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