Huawei Honor 6 users now update their phone to Android Marshmallow. This update is based on EMUI 4.0 and contains all Android 6.0 Marshmallow features. The update is rolling out for France, Europe, Asian and other regions. The official Android 6.0 for Huawei Honor 6 is a stable build and rolling via OTA, but you can also Update Huawei Honor 6 to Marshmallow Manually. You can wait for the OTA updates, or you can Update Huawei Honor 6 to Marshmallow manually.

Update Huawei Honor 6 to Marshmallow

The new Marshmallow update packed with features like Now on Tap, Doze Mode, App Permissions and more. The Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for Honor 6 available via OTA (over-the-air) and it is about 1.48GB in size. The update may wipe SD Card data, so it is advisable to take backup before you Update Huawei Honor 6 to Marshmallow.


  • Your device must be on stock firmware and stock recovery.
  • Follow the steps correctly otherwise you may brick your device. We are not responsible for any damage to your phone.
  • It will not erase your data but it is advisable to take a complete backup of your phone for safer side.
  • Ensure that your phone has at least 50-60% charged to prevent the accidental shutdown in-between the process.

Files required to install official Android 6.0 for Huawei Honor 6 –

  • Marshmallow for Huawei Honor 6 Europe region – Download
  • Marshmallow for Huawei Honor 6 France region – Download
  • Marshmallow for Huawei Honor 6 Asian region – Download
  • EMUI 4.0 Files for all Firmware – Download

Steps to Manually Update Huawei Honor 6 to Marshmallow –

1) First, download Android 6.0 for Huawei Honor 6 from above.

2) Now create a folder dload in the root of your internal storage or SD card and place the file in that folder.

3) Now go to the phone settings–>update and press the menu button.

4)  Now select choose Local update.

5) It will show the file now tap on it to start the installation process.

6) Wait until the installation process is complete and then reboot your device., you have latest firmware

7) Done.

This is the easiest way to Update Huawei Honor 6 to Marshmallow manually. If you have any questions comment below.


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    • fail to update, i try to update by recovery mode, but cant sir. where shd i placed that EMUI 4.0 Files for all Firmware – Download

  1. What do u mean by menu button?
    I hv downloaded, put it at the right folder but which is the menu button in settings > update?

    • Yes, you find the menu button in settings > update and see the menu button at the bottom of the page

  2. blowyamind Reply

    my current honor 6 built is B24 asian region can i use this update? and what do you mean by “device must be on stock firmware n stock recovery”?

    • Yes you can use the Asian region firmware and follow the above steps.
      “device must be on stock firmware n stock recovery” means if custom recoveries like TWRP or CWM installed on your device then it won’t work.

  3. suresh sankar Reply

    Hi..updated successfully..but in message I cant read (showing no subject ) and unable to to solve this bug..?

  4. arerif asmeer Reply

    After update, my honor 6 slow when im browsing internet via wifi. Any solution

  5. Sengo Sangma Reply

    Mine is built no H60-L04C151B550 ..however when I tried to flash the ROM (Asian version) given here it says software fail! Can anyone explain why

  6. my honor6 was a 4.4 kitkat version.
    am thinking to upgrade marshmallow version.
    is it possible ? any issues in phnoe ?
    pls rply,urgently

    • Hi. Did you get any feedback to your question? I have B507 version too and hesitating about upgrade.

  7. Im happy its works fine on my phone. But its a dissapoinment to know that the features of changing the font style is unable on android marshmallow :(

  8. It is working for h60-L04 and my version of my phone is lollipop EMUI 3.1 (B524)? Is this gonna work or i need more upgrade to do this upgrade (marshmallow)? If needed, can you provide or give me a link for the upgrade.

  9. Kayalblock Reply

    what do you mean “root of your internal storage or SD card”?

  10. Thanks for this option… Updated my honor 6 to Marsh mellow. Awsm experience..

  11. My version is H60-L04100R001C00B109SP01, which one should i download? Tq

  12. Jayson Salas Reply

    Is it possible for b507 version? Which should i choose? Asian?

    • If you choose Asia, you can get ‘H60-L04_Andriod 6.0_EMUI 4.0_C636B811‘ version

  13. just was wondering… I own a h60-l02… what is the best way to upgrade…to directly download the asian ota or to individually download each archive from megaa?
    tks in advance

  14. I’m currently using H60-L04 B393 (Bought in Bahrain). Will it work if I download the Asian region? Which EMUI 4.0 should I use because apparently, I can’t find a B393 in the list. Thanks in advance. :)

  15. Does this work on an 114 build? Or do I need any improvements first?

  16. hi, i would like to ask if the (Asian Region Update) would work on my H60-L04 / B396 / EMUI 3.0? by the way i’m from the Philippines. Thank you..

    • Tol naupgrade mo nb device mo? Nghahanap din ako ng marshmallow pra sa unit ko eh,same unit tau.

  17. The installation just use the downloaded Marshmallow file, what to do with the EMUI 4.0 file ? Do i need to install EMUI after install the Marshmallow ?

    • Yes, that Marshmallow firmware contains EMUI 4.0. Just update it to Marshmallow.

    • Just download the Marshmallow file it will update your version to EMUI 4.0 also

  18. Hi,is these working on H60L04_b118?
    Android 4.4.2 , emotion2.3
    Pliz help I Need to update my honor.

    • 4G is a device Hardware feature. So download firmware according to your region and update 4G will work on that.

  19. it now working.
    It was tell me this was failed download again..
    what i do..

  20. It will work on H60-L02 B532 pls reply btw im lollipop already.

  21. I recently bought a honor 6(H60-LO4) bought from Dubai.firmware for asia region will support in my device?pls reply urgently

  22. My phone is currently running B532 Lollipop 5.1.1

    1) Will this work for H60-L12?
    2) Should I install Asian region only or also do EMUI?

    Thank you for this page, only 1 for marshmallow found till now.

      • Not sure if I should do this, worried it will brick my phone.
        So waiting for Admin to say – this will work for H60-L12 or will not work.

  23. Hello!
    I also need to update my H60-L12 (currently on 6.2.1) and I don’t understand which file to use… Everything seems to be for H60-L04.

    • Yep, all for L04, have googled a lot and China L12 version doesn’t seem to popup anywhere. hoping CM comes with 7.0 Nougat directly for Honor 6, that will be a treat.

  24. Huawei Honor Reply

    my honor h60-l04 currently running B507 lollipop 5.1.1. which firmware is suitable for my honor?
    thank you

  25. Huwai Honor 6: Is it work for mirroring to sony MP-CL1 portable projector?. Mirroring is not possible after getting update to android 6 from 4.4.2.

  26. Man i need a urgent reply i have downloaded the file for asia is it important to download the MIUI file as well??

  27. It’s not working for me.currently running B500. 5.1.1 it work for me.

  28. I have updated my h6-l04 initially using b822 indian region and then i realized i should have used the asian pacific region b811. Tried downloading the app package but when i got to settings > updater, there is no option to locally update anymore. Does this mean i am stuck with the indian version? If yes, will it affect network signal reception given that i am in a different region?

  29. i received update on my mobile automatically from company but as i click installed after downloading the android , the mobile got stuck and continously gone in a mode to switch on but not getting switched on. please help.

  30. Hi I had my phone rooted and have that twrp. If you can guide me on how i will do it if that’s the case? I was only be able to come to the part that I clicked install, and then i chose the zip file, but it says error. Please help thanks so much

  31. sourabh tuwani Reply

    there is no option for local update in my honor 6 i am at B831

  32. The link is not accurate as don’t remember precisely but it was something like that.

  33. hello. i have downloaded the file for asian region. do i also have to download the emu file too? please respond

  34. H60-L04…..B396.. bought at Malaysia. just dload asian region n follow the steP??

  35. Will this work on H60-L04…..B396??? Need feedback asap. Thank you.

  36. i have upgrade my android to marshmallow however the theme for my phone doesnt work as well as screen lock. should i try it once again? at the same time, do i need to download both emui 4.0 firmware and marshmallow for android 6.0?

    • If you already updated your device to Marshmallow then no need to download it again better search for higher/updated version and install that.

  37. Sir I have done update my honor 6 but if I remove from charging it goes off.. any solution

  38. Ássimo Iovah Reply

    It´s me again, the celphone is with android 4 kitkat version, will work?

  39. I have tried this with my unrooted h6-l02 and it says update failed as soon as the update screen appears. Does this mean its not compatible with h2-l02 or do I need extra specific files. Thanks.

  40. my current honor 6 model is honor 6 h60-l12_6.2.1 (with android 5.1.1) can i use this update?

  41. Hello ,

    The version i have is EMUI3.1_H60-L12_6.2.1. Can i use this update? How can i see if my device is on stock firmware and stock recovery? I dont know much on phone upgrades so i would like to be sure.

    Thanks in advance :)

  42. hi , i have honor6 ( c00-B115) , can i directly install directly the marshmallow android 6 for Asian region ????? or i should update firmware at first?? is it step by step (first update to earlier and then the newest firmware)????
    and beside that , is this marshmallow android 6 for Asian region support Persian?

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