This guide helps to Use SD Card as Internal Storage on Marshmallow devices. As we know, Android Marshmallow comes with an Adoptable Storage feature which allows you to use your external memory (microSD card) as internal storage. Once you turn external SD card into internal storage on Marshmallow, you can install all your apps on your SD card directly. This feature is helpful for those who have low internal storage. Now they Use SD Card as Internal Storage on Marshmallow.

Use SD Card as Internal Storage on Marshmallow

Devices like Android one or many other devices faces the issue of low internal storage. They can’t install big apps or games or even the phone lags due to the low internal storage but for now, they Use SD Card as Internal Storage on Marshmallow to expand their internal storage. After you use sd card as internal, you can move files from internal storage to sd card. 

This feature only works with those devices which support external sd card, Means it will not work on the device with no sd card like Oneplus One, Galaxy Note5, etc. To Use SD Card as Internal Storage on Marshmallow, you need to format your SD card. And you have to format again if you are using your SD card on another device. Check the below steps to Use SD Card as Internal Storage on Marshmallow.

Steps to Use SD Card as Internal Storage on Marshmallow –

1) First, go to the phone Settings and select Storage.

2) Now select the SD Card, tap on three dot menu and click on ‘setting’.

3) Now choose the option ‘Format as internal storage‘ and Select ‘Erase & Format

4) Your device sd card is now format as internal storage.

5) Now select ‘Use as internal storage’ and tap on Next.

6) Restart your device and Enjoy.

This is the complete guide for how to Use SD Card as Internal Storage on Marshmallow. If you have any questions, comment below.


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  1. Herei HV to move apps from phone to memory manually but I want to move it automatically

  2. Ok, I made my SdCard as Internal but now what happens to the real internal storage.. I can’t find it, it’s just like I have lost the Real Internal Storage… So, how can I find it…and use it…

    • exactly I also want to know what happens to the internal 16gb storage and also if I want to sd card again as external storage … how will I do that

  3. Hi can it be use for storing videos and photos after converting sd as internal..

    • And android must rooted? .Because word “format as internal storage ” nothing

      • No need to be rooted and iw works on card with any capacity…just format the card and it will ask you to ‘use as portable storage’ or ‘use as internal storage’ select internal

          • sunil arora

            same here, it is not working for Samsung J2 2016. Only option is to Format as Portable storage.

  4. Im using zenfone max and the only option is portable storage format no for internal. How to use my sd card as internal storage?

  5. after formatting as internal storage my data on sd card deleted r not


    hi i had opted for a 64 gb sd card as an internal storage. went fine for a few days. suddenly i was getting messges like unsupported sd card. my phone started hanging as well after a couple of minutes of a start. i tried formating as external and internal again both but it always failed. then i removed the sd card and did a factory reset with the card removed. (may be i should have done with sd card inserted.). after factory reset everything is fine but sd card is still showing as unsupported. pc does not format it as well. how can i recover my card. i dont need data i just want the card to be usable again

    • Maybe your card is corrupt. Also try formatting with Linux or Dos (from command prompt) method.

  7. Hi,

    My microSD card also 64 gb became unrecognizable by my phone as well, plus windows 10 won’t let me format it. I had a microsd card adapter so was able to put it in my camera (Nikon) and the camera software automatically saw that it wasn’t formatted so I said yes to the formatting request. Worked when I put it back into my phone. I have also been able to get my card working again with EaseUS partitioning master pro software but the camera trick worked fine. Since then I have switched to the fastest microSD card I could get.

  8. how to vice versa the situation as i want my memory card to be separate from the internal memory.

  9. can i do my phone lenova a7000 after update Marshmallow ……?

  10. Hai,
    I just updated my samsung galaxy j5 into marshmallow, But I never see an options adopt memory card as internal

  11. i already done that process but when i checked my file manager it only has 4gb capacity, the sdcard didnt apply on file manager. thank you Godbless

  12. I also tried with 64 gb card after 20% it stopped with message unsupported card. But while I used 16 gb card it successfully done. Does it’s not support 64 gb card

  13. santosh meghwal Reply

    how i can transfer my videos from internal memory to external in lenovo vibe k4 note android version 6.0

  14. I did the steps, i waited for 5 mins to complete the formatting and it said, “couldn’t erase sdcard”… can s1 help me pls?

    i have Blackview R7

  15. Manish Mayank Reply

    I want to know after using sd card is internal memory then we can use it on other device

  16. It appears that on v.6.0.1 there is no mention of using an SD card as internal storage, or the ‘Storage & USB’ named option in the settings menu.

  17. My k4 note sd card is not working
    It has 6.0 its saying that the sd card is corrupted what to do

  18. lenovo k3 note…i change to memory card has internal but in file manager only internal storage(memory card) is appears….total space 16gb only in file manager

  19. ok first of all there is no such (…) 3 dots option on sd card under storage section in my newly updated samsung galaxy j5. there is sust an upward arrow ooptio and every time i click it it unmounts my card. Can u tell me if i modoing anything wrong ?

  20. But all the data’s on the sd card will be erase I don’t want to erase my data’s so how can I

  21. Ravuri Lakshman Reply

    Hi this Lakshman,

    I have smasung on 7 upgraded marshmellow 6.0.1. I have only internal storae 8 gb. I have inserted samsung 32gb class 10 memory card. Still I did not get option “format as internal storage” please help me out…

  22. Ravuri Lakshman Reply

    ok first of all there is no such (…) 3 dots option on sd card under storage section in my newly updated samsung galaxy j5. there is sust an upward arrow ooptio and every time i click it it unmounts my card. Can u tell me if i modoing anything wrong ?

  23. Sir,,
    I am RoNy…..
    I say that me use Lenovo k3 note after marshmallow……
    I don’t understood how that my fone storage to SD card….?????
    Please ‘Sir’ Give me Answer……

  24. Arunkumar patil Reply

    Sumit k4 note Lenovo I want to move apps on sd card but it not showing options how I moveapps?

  25. If I use as card as internal memory than my SD card not showing on file

  26. it shows on lenovo k3note “The sandisk card is formatted to work on this device only. it won’t work on any others.”……..what it means ……it will not acessable on laptop?

  27. Hi there, I am also facing same problem as Laxman i.e.“format as internal storage”. So please help.

  28. Jayant Kothari Reply

    after formatting as internal it showing that memory cad is corrupted

  29. Work on Samsung J5 SM 500G From Official marshmallow Install TWRP with Odin ( TWRP_J500G_MM) Root using [6.0] UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.76 volume up+home+power Install Root Essential Storage – Adoptable storage – adopt Turn off Enter TWRP Install ASPlugin Root Essential Storage – Adoptable storage – adopt – reboot Setting – storage – sd card – migrate data – export Finish

  30. Its nice but unable to do it in samsung galaxy j7,marshmallow Android

  31. How to prevent SD card data from formatting after making it as internal storage.

  32. I just purchased a new unlocked samsung galaxy s5 SM G900v. It came with Android version 6.0.1. When I insert a mmc card that has been formatted on my computer, it says unsupported SD card. I only have a portable storage option. When I select the SD card a menu pops up that says to use this SD card it must be set up. I push set up and a format menu pops up, I press format, it formats 20% then a menu pops up that says command 8 volume partition failed. This card works fine in other devices. I have wiped it clean and formatted it on my computer. I have tried several different cards with the same result. HELP! I would have NEVER purchased this phone without being able to use an mmc card for additional storage. I have another samsung galaxy s5 with lollipop and have no issues with the mmc card.

  33. Saugata Das Reply

    How can I access the SD card used as internal storage in marshmallow from my pc in case of Lenovo phab??

  34. I have update my lenovo a7000 ,I can’t delete files and videos .How can I solve this

  35. If we format ext storage as it storage all files in ext storage will be deleted or not?

  36. i am update my lenovo a 7000 TO marsh. but i try to formet as intrl they need pin code

  37. siva nyanam Reply

    1.How about Honor4x could it be possible?
    I tried but unable to click eject and format..already open usb debugging in developer menu

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