Time is a scarce resource when it comes to running a business. Managers and small business owners have enough to worry about as it is and keeping track of your employees’ hours can often be an unwieldy and time-consuming process. Since the technology exists to make this process much more straightforward through a Deputy online timesheet, there are many reasons why you need to make the upgrade.

Online timesheets are an efficient and flexible means of sorting out the schedules and hours of your employees. Compared to manual time-tracking, you can save time and money by switching to a digital format.

Let’s look a little more closely at what online timesheets are, and which industries are best positioned to take advantage of the many benefits they can bring.

What Are Online Timesheets?

Online timesheets are a fairly intuitive software-based timekeeping option for businesses that want to cut down on the time and cost of this essential task. While in the past timekeeping has generally been conducted manually with pen and paper, or through spreadsheet software, these days there are many online software platforms that can make the process even easier.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Timesheets?

One of the biggest benefits of online timesheets is its flexibility. Since they are based online, you can access them from anywhere. With the proper login credentials, you can update and modify your employee hours even when you are out of the office. This is great for business owners or managers who are frequently on the go or who prefer to perform these tasks at home, to better focus on essential tasks while at the office.

You can also pass on the responsibility of logging hours to your employees themselves by providing them access to the platform. This will allow you to save even more time.

The digital format of online timesheets also makes them great for better data collection and analysis. Using this data to look at trends or areas for improvement can help you and your human resources team to make better decisions in terms of scheduling or hiring. You can also hone in on the payroll data in correlation with employee performance to see who is most productive and who on your team could use a little encouragement.

Having all of this data in one place will allow you to be prepared for compliance requests with state taxation agencies. Your payroll information usually needs to be reported frequently to the Australian Tax Authority, so having this data ready to go at all times will save you from the headache of putting it all together at the last minute before you have to submit it.

What Industries Can Make The Best Use Of Online Timesheets?

While virtually any business can reap the benefits of using online timesheets, some industries stand to gain more due to the nature of the way their payroll systems are set up. Any industry that relies on effective time tracking for flexible, remote, freelance, or project-based work will benefit greatly from this software. This includes sectors such as IT and digital marketing, but also finance and sales. If you are a manager in one of these fields, then look into upgrading your timekeeping right away.

Try Online Timesheets For Your Small Business

With all of the benefits that your business stands to gain from upgrading to online timesheets, there is no reason to continue doing things the way that you always have. Making the switch without delay will allow you to save valuable time and money and will also free up the time of your administrative team for more creative and analytical work.


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