With approximately 3.6 billion global users in 2020, social media provides incredible opportunities for businesses to connect with prospective customers. It is a highly effective tool for brand awareness, lead generation, customer engagement, and overall business growth. 

However, to enjoy its benefits, brands have to ensure that they are using social media the right way. Below is a list of common mistakes to avoid when getting started with lawyer social media marketing.

Posting Inconsistently

Each social media channel has an algorithm that determines which posts appear frequently and at the top of the timeline. One of the determining factors is posting frequency. If you update your social media sporadically only when you have an interesting post or whenever you remember to, your content will not reach as many users. 

Posting at least a few times per week increases brand awareness, promotes engagement, and builds a loyal following for your firm’s social media.

Ignoring Social Media Analytics

Some marketers post what they think their target audience will love and as long as the follower count is on an upward curve, they are happy. But how do you know which strategy is working? Or what kind of posts are producing more engagement? Analytics provide a wealth of data that you can use to shape future marketing, both on and off social media.

In addition to social site analytics, Google Analytics can tell you how many people have been visiting your lead generation landing pages from content linked on social media.

Using the SAME Content Across Channels

If you have a personal social media profile, you know that every social networking site is unique in its own way, but with a common goal of connecting people. Similarly, every channel requires customization of content so that it matches the platform’s format and target audience. When you use the exact same content for different platforms, you risk generating fewer leads than expected. 

You can convey the same message through different channels by tweaking the content. For instance, your Instagram post might be less formal and more entertaining while LinkedIn will require a sense of professionalism.

Being on ALL Social Media Platforms

Creating and managing your firm’s account on every social media channel simply cannot work. Why is this? 

Each business has a specific audience that it targets, and not all social platforms will cater to your prospective customers. Take Pinterest for example: The majority of its users are women ranging from their teens to middle-aged mothers. A business that sells men’s products might not generate significant leads from Pinterest but do quite well on Facebook. 

No Social Media Strategy

While updating a law firm’s social media profiles might seem straightforward, maintaining consistency without a plan will soon become overwhelming. 

Before creating an account, a marketer has to set clear goals, KPIs, and a social media budget. These will give the marketing efforts a direction.

Next, create a content calendar to determine when and what type of content you post on each platform. 

Too Many Words and No Visuals

Images and videos attract more attention and shares compared to text-only social media posts. People on the Web don’t like reading long articles, so they are not likely to engage with your text-based updates. On Facebook, for instance, videos generate the highest numbers of both leads and engagement, followed by image posts. 

If you must use a lot of words, such as when summarizing a statistical report, make it visually appealing, give information in small doses, and use simple language. A common way of doing this is creating infographics with a concise summary of the content.


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