The average smartphone should last at least two to three years, if not more. This means that every few trips around the sun, consumers go on the hunt for their newest gadget. The old Apple vs. Android debate has users divided, and those are either side are likely to stay loyal to their system of choice. If you’re an Android user though, that doesn’t narrow your choice much with such a diverse amount of smartphones on the market. It can be helpful to have a checklist to go through when you’re shopping for a new Android, because it’ll help you differentiate between various models and identify the best one for your needs. Keep reading for things to consider when buying a new Android. 


Longer battery life is always an advantage – the better the battery the less you have to worry about your device dying on you. The quality of battery life is a major thing to read about in reviews, because only user experience can tell the full story. This article from Tom’s Guide provides a look into the best phones with good battery life, broken down by hours and minutes. 


Phones are coming with better and better cameras these days; some people who do photography for a living, such as social media influencers, rely solely on their phone cameras to get the shot. The Google Pixel 5 in particular is well-known for capturing some stunning point-and-shoot pictures, with its main camera and extra wide one. If you’re really into photography, then a good quality phone camera might just be a big selling point for you. 


The Read Only Memory (ROM) is used to house all of your photos, videos, music, apps and more. If you’re a heavy user who needs to store a lot of apps or media, going for something with about 64 GB of ROM will give you lots of wiggle room. Consider how much storage you’d like, and what you’ll be using it for.

Security Features 

Our phones hold a lot of valuable, personal information and it’s imperative to your privacy that it stays protected. Security features like fingerprint and face sensors are quality options that act as passwords to keep your information secured. Once you purchase a phone, you may want to also consider downloading antivirus software to protect yourself from malicious hackers, such as Malwarebytes for Android.


Build quality is a big consideration when buying a phone, too. There are metal, plastic and glass-based phones on the market these days – where glasses phones can shatter if they’re smashed or dropped, metal and plastic withstand more damage. Purchasing a sturdy case and screen protector is also essential for protecting your device, regardless of which one you choose. 

Screen Size 

Android manufactures are so varied that their screen sizes also have a wide range. Depending on your preference and also your eyesight quality, this could be a factor in your choice. 

Most people use their smartphone daily in today’s digital age, so deciding to purchase a new one is no small choice to make. With the above factors in mind, you’ll be better equipped to choose the best Android for your needs.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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