People start YouTube channels for different reasons. Some want to make money while others use the platform to promote products and services, while others just do it to inform or entertain others.

If your content is excellent, you will be able to attract different people. Of course, you will gather a good following, and two, there is a possibility that some people may want to steal their content and upload it on their site.

Fortunately, YouTube knows that this can happen. What should you do when someone steals information from your YouTube channel?

youtube DMCA

You should know your rights

Not many people understand that they have rights to their content. Anything that you develop from your creative mind, then that is what we refer to as intellectual property. It is your property; therefore, anyone who tries to steal it is infringing the copyright law unless you give him or her permission to do so.

Thankfully, YouTube also has a way of helping out victims. You can ask them to pull down the video if you have evidence that you are the original author. They usually do so immediately and may even restrict the channel. Such restrictions include limiting them to monetizing their videos.

Are there any other laws that protect your content?

Initially, when the internet was not as vast as it is now, there were no such laws. Everyone is using the internet nowadays, including people in developing countries.

One of the most profound laws is the DMCA law. In full, Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The primary purpose of this law is to protect all content creators on YouTube and Facebook. 

Other than social media, the app also protects your website and app. Therefore, it allows you 

to sue someone when they steal content from your site or application.

You do not have to be your own agent

Although protecting yourself from people who break this law is not restrictive, you do not have to put all the baggage on your shoulders. For those who understand how the online platform works, you already know that it does require a lot of commitment.

Therefore, keeping on monitoring to see if someone did post your video can be tiring. Hiring a DMCA agent can help you solve that problem.

What do DMCA agents do?

Even though most DMCA agents such as do not respond to all copyright complaints, or also analyze them, they can be useful in:

  • They will act as an agent for all your online properties
  • They will ensure that they forward and receive every complaint
  • They will help in registration
  • You will have a DMCA form uploaded on your site or channel
  • Help you in payment for the filing fee

Final remarks

Though it might cost you, hiring a DMCA agent will be beneficial to your YouTube channel, primarily if you depend on it for financial gains. Additionally, everyone makes mistakes. The agent will also be helpful when you receive a DMCA takedown notice, which is another good reason you should use their services.


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