Among other social platforms, brands choose Instagram the most often. This phenomenon is based on the fact that Instagram is an incredibly engaging and even addictive platform. In fact, it has everything a fine marketing tool needs: 

  • excellent visuals, 
  • a wide choice of posting types (Stories, regular feed, IGTV), 
  • and also a possibility to upload short captions as well as long-reads. 

Also, this platform can be a good analytical instrument to browse – even 20 Instagram likes can make a difference and it will be pretty obvious to detect. 

If you want to know, why is this network a perfect choice for the majority of brands, you came to the right place! This article is here to help you understand the mechanism of Instagram’s popularity among businesses of any kind. To make the material even hotter for you, there are some tips on a successful IG marketing campaign included. 

Ultimate Dive In Mobile Users

Instagram is a platform that was created solely for smartphones. Of course, with time and growth, it has extended to the web version too, but it is still oriented on mobile devices primarily. And it is no secret that modern users consume content from their phones for most part of their day. Social media on-the-go is an ultimate win for brands that target young adults, teens, and millennials. Instagram is doing incredible work in keeping users stick their noses into the screen of their device and taping likes – only the format of Stories is worth noting! The short and bright nature of content that is trending on this network is complimentary for swift consumption through smartphones. 

Expanding The Reach

IG has already grossed an audience bigger than one billion, and all these users can be equated to the endless potential for widening the target group of your brand. This platform offers many options that can make your business acknowledged throughout the network. For example, Instagram Ads are what can showcase you to your potential customers. All you have to do is to set the campaign up with the help of fellow Facebook Ads (some time ago, Facebook and Instagram were united into a grander corporation, thus putting the promotion functions into synergy). Also, the most important options will be available for adjusting within the app. 

Instagram Ads offers one of the least intrusive and annoying approaches to users’ feeds. Only Pinterest can beat the level of the subtlety. For viewers, your promoted posts and stories appear just like the usual ones, only having a small notion about the marketing nature of it, which looks like a line at the bottom of the pic. It can also contain a link to your profile or site. 

The Miracle Of Stories

Although Stories weren’t the invention of Instagram, this platform has made the best of them. The idea of vanishing content is greatly applicable to brand marketing as well because Stories are considered as a more personal form of interaction with users. And, it is a perfect instrument for boosting your visibility, and remind your customers of you. Many brand owners are communicating with the audience through Stories, in order to create a bond and promote the product. 

In terms of modern marketing strategies, brands should encourage their buyers to post stories as well, involving the product they bought. This option gives many benefits, like:

  • Expansion through friends and family of the buyer.
  • More mentions and tags for better rates on the platform.
  • Fresh user-generated pictures – a fine bonus to your content plan.
  • Social approval growth, as more people will share their positive feedback you can use it to gain the trust of newcomers. 
  • Storaging feedback photos in Highlights will increase awareness of your brand and secure access to quality proofs for new users.
  • Applying discounts and special offers for people who share your product in Stories helps to provide a bigger percent of second-time purchases. 

Creating Various Awesome Content

The success on Instagram is dependent on great visuals. For you as a brand owner, this is an opportunity to release any content idea you want and try a different approach to your content. On social media, you can speak with your audience through the photographs, and not only sell your products but show your values, inspirations, missions you are on. And you can wrap your personal experience into nice photos and videos, on which you get lots of likes, comments and thus creating a bond with your viewers and potential customers. 

In social media marketing, it is impossible to sell stuff without sharing a little bit of your own experience. The offer today is very rich, so people are no longer based on the qualities of the product they want to buy. The message demonstrated by the brand is very significant for them. And Instagram is a perfect mix of beautiful pics with engaging texts, so you give high-quality content to consume. 

Endless Communication Possibilities

Insta is considered to be the most engaging platform from all the social media available. One of the main reasons for that is the variety of options to communicate with your audience. The interesting detail here is that the mechanism of approaching the brand is very easy for users, thus they feel free to ask questions and give their suggestions to you. And you must use this freedom to improve your work and your product. 

The higher is level of communication, engagement such as new followers and likes, the better are your sales. So, here are the ground rules for the effective growth of your brand on IG: 

  • Create an image of your brand that looks easy to reach out to.
  • Listen to the voices of your followers to improve your performance.
  • Show the initiative and dive into conversations with your audience (meaning – reply with some words, not just smilies).
  • Throw in topics for discussion, which are not related to the industry of your brand, and get to know your crowd.
  • Keep the overall atmosphere of your blog on Instagram friendly and polite.

Boost The Conversion

This platform is unique – there are lesser possibilities to squeeze in the direct links, but referral traffic from IG shows the best results among such lions like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even almighty Reddit. It looks like people really regard Instagram as a marketplace, or even a better term – a showcase for brands. 

With the efforts of marketers, each brand is given a chance to impress their potential customers with a combination of pretty campaign shots that trigger their inner shopaholic and live-action content which shows the real quality of the product. 

The common ways to input a link on Instagram are:

  • Bio of the profile. Small space for leaving a hyperlink, so use shortening services.
  • Instagram promoted posts or Ads. You can add your link into a small colored line, and when a user clicks it, they will be redirected.
  • Promoted stories. A relatively new option for your marketing Stories includes swiping up for redirection to another site. 

Better Analytics

The modern version of Instagram is adapted for business users as well. And this adaptation proves to be a huge help when you want to analyze your results. IG Highlights will provide you with precious data about your audience demographics and their reaction and acceptance of your content, in the comfortable visualization. 

All these statistics such as gained followers, likes and overall engagement, combined with your sales rates will generate effective adjustments for your business strategy. 


Nowadays Instagram has evolved from a solely entertaining program to a practically independent marketplace, where small local businesses and big corporations can get their part of attention from the potential buyers. This platform is running ahead of other popular networks, and today only Pinterest can compete in the matter of discreet and subtle marketing campaigns and beautiful original content. Having specific business instruments and built-in shopping options for users, Instagram can replace the website for your sales, also giving brands more space for demonstrating their values and inspirations.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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