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Today, in the digital age, almost all areas of our lives are being transformed. Over the past 20 years, our communication, shopping, schooling, and even the way we store our memories has changed. Instead of letters, we send SMS, instead of going to the cinema we watch Netflix, and instead of an album we use either a gallery on a smartphone or an account on instagram or TikTok. We don’t need to create fat albums, just save them to our smartphone or share them on a social network. However, many social networks have rather limited functionality, and often you can’t just save a video or photo you like. To do this, you often need a special tool, program or service (like TikTok downloader video). At the same time, these services must be compatible with your software or browser that you are using. For example, the Bigbangram service can be used as a TikTok downloader chrome for the browser of the same name. Just check the requirements of the service you want to use.

Why do we need to keep our memories?

Whether you will more often remember positive moments, or more bad things will remain in your memory, depends on your attitude to life. Why is it so important to keep positive memories for our lives?

Positive attitude

Surely you yourself guess that people with a positive outlook on life are less prone to painful memories of not the best moments in their past life. If you want to enjoy only the good moments that once took place, work on yourself.

Focus on the positive. Make a list of your victories and update it regularly. Don’t give room to bad thoughts. Silence them with an active perception of the surrounding reality, work or meditation. If there was some tragedy in the past, protect yourself from those things that can remind you of it.

Remember more often what gives you a feeling of joy, warmth, tenderness, pride and love. Try to reproduce your feelings from the past as closely as possible. Review photos from your travels, look at your own childhood pictures.

If you are visited by some unpleasant thought about your past, urgently find an antidote for it. Defeat her with some positive, joyful memory. When some mistake you made a few years ago reminded you of yourself, think about your achievement, which took place around the same period of your life. 

Remember that people are not uniquely good or bad. And their actions are also different, as are the events that happen to individuals. It is up to you to decide and choose what memories you will live with.

Order in life

Think about what is stopping you from enjoying life right now. Maybe you are having some problems. Then they need to be dealt with. If there is nothing you can do, let go of the situation and focus on something else. When you are dissatisfied with the reality around you, your mind can exacerbate the situation and slip you not the most pleasant memories, as if proving that life has failed.

Therefore, it is important to put things in order in your life. Then you will remember the bad things less. Everything will be ok. Looking at past mistakes will change. After all, you will see that all the events that took place in the past eventually led to a positive result.

Attitude towards yourself

It is also important how you treat yourself. If you love, respect, value yourself and believe in your own strength, you can easily forgive yourself for past misdeeds. You will not torment yourself with unpleasant thoughts and will only enjoy the best moments of your life.

People who don’t feel good about themselves tend to fall into self-pity. With a kind of masochistic satisfaction, they mentally relieve the painful moments that took place in the past again and again. Nothing good can come from doing this. On the contrary, you need to strengthen your will, be above circumstances and feel confident that you can cope with almost any misfortune. Think of yourself as a strong person, and the desire to remember the bad will go away.


Although the memories have changed their external form, their very essence has not changed in any way. They are still important to us. You just need to learn how to properly store and use them. Good luck!


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