There was a time when landline phones were quite a rage. The businesses could connect with the outside world by virtue of a few cables and the mighty telecommunication network. Well, those times are a past and so are conventional systems.

We live in a very dynamic world. In such a world, sticking to traditional methods like landline could cost us more in terms of time, money and reputation. How a landline can be such a threat to the business, one might wonder! Well, landline is no opportunity either.

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You Need More than a Landline to Run Your Business

Even new business owners or small scale businesses are now rooting for more robust communication alternatives than landlines. There is a reason why landlines are getting out of date, they bottleneck working in multiple aspects.

Now, newer and better systems have evolved that provide a better functionality. You can direct to WeNumber to check more info about VoIP systems, specific codes and numbers. There are many ways in which the business’s objective can be catered.

Landline to Run Your Business

The obvious question arises, what can these systems do that the landline cannot? The answer is a lot. Communication is not just about calling and answering a company number any more. It is more customer experience centric.

There are ways in which newer systems like virtual phone systems can assist in customer experience that traditional landlines can never. 

Why Do You Need a Virtual Phone System?

Much Improved Customer Support

Customer support is an important part of a business’s functions. Customers call for feedback, support, queries, and complaints or for seeking more information about any product or service. With just traditional landline in place, there are a lot of ways in which efficiency is curtailed.

When it comes to answering customer calls, you need to be around a landline phone in order to answer it. If you’re not around, the call is likely to be missed. The missed call can cost the company a prospective opportunity.

For a professional picture of the business, the conduct of the person answering the call makes up for the business’s professionalism. When one person is required to relentlessly greet people day in and day out, he/she is likely to get a little demotivated on the professionalism front.

Virtual phone systems have a very efficient automated response in place. From conveying greetings to seeking relevant information, the system lands the callers to the right department speaking the preferred language.

Such systems depict a very professional picture of the business. Customers trust the business and service that is always there to help them out. Many businesses now have freephone calls that answer customer queries round the clock.

When systems are much more automated, deriving queries becomes easier. With landlines, it is humanely not possible to answer a customer about some information that he/she seeks without all required information.

With virtual phone systems, extracting the customer data becomes so much more easy and convenient. The customer information is stored and updated on a timely basis and available for access.


Landlines do not offer flexibility at all. The employees have to stick with the landlines in order to perform their calling functions. They cannot work on their own, or have the flexibility of working remotely.

Now, the newer systems are so evolved that they allow remote access. Systems like the virtual phone systems are internet connectivity based and not premise based. The executives can be based anywhere and render their functions remotely.

This offers a lot of help in times of need. Even in a crisis situation, the customer care employees can work from home or the calls can be answered from a remote location. This creates a lesser dependency on the office infrastructure and more reliance on functionality.

Better Internal Collaboration

Traditional landlines are mostly outward rendering. As far as internal communication is concerned, they only restrict the functionality to calling on the internal lines. With better systems like the virtual phone systems, calling is not the sole result.

There are many other ways in which communication can be rendered by virtue of robust newer systems. Even remotely, the employees can stay in touch through conferences, meetings, chat boxes, etc.

It brings in a sentiment of greater coordination and an air of healthy competition ensuring that every relatable role in performing their best. Interdependency is also highlighted in a very visible manner and there are lesser backlogs.

Performance Evaluation

Can you imagine using a traditional landline with someone’s performance evaluation? No, right! Well, with virtual phone systems, you can not only evaluate someone’s performance but also review their working.

The log creation in such systems is so transparent that every vital detail can be seen, understood and interpreted. The speed of query resolutions, escalations, follow ups and even customer feedback can be assessed to rightly check the performance of an individual.

Monitoring and Analysis

The landlines are not well equipped to judge the performance of a campaign. How well a telephonic campaign has been doing can not be analysed by traditional phone systems. When it comes to virtual phone systems, a very holistic picture of a campaign can be ascertained.

All this monitoring and analysis of specific campaigns allows in fundamental information for strategic development.  Thus, these systems offer the required relevant details and information to make well informed decisions.


Times have changed and the communication systems have changed as well. Sticking to the old systems will only hamper the functionality of a business. In a competitive market, one needs to build an operational niche.

Customer service is an essential component that deserves all the attention. Traditional landlines are not equipped with technological finesse. They lack the holistic support required to make a business work on many communication functions.

Your business can use WeNumber to get 0117 area code or you can head directly to WeNumber to see a code and number more apt for your business. It is important to give communication the importance it deserves.

Virtual phone systems are equipped with a lot of functional ease which save a lot of cost, time and operational needs. Things will be streamlined in a much better way. There will be more than just answering calls, there will be communication strategies in place with newer systems.


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