reasons Redditors dislike GoDaddy

Just mentioning GoDaddy triggers a fierce discussion between Redditors; they dislike this website registration and hosting provider in general. If someone is new to registrars of domains and hosting services, it is easy to believe that GoDaddy is among the best options available. It is no surprise given how much money the firm has invested in promoting itself over the years. The question is – what are the things about GoDaddy that have so many Redditors upset? Below is a comprehensive look at the major reasons Redditors dislike GoDaddy.


It Is Overpriced

When looking for online hosting and the registrar of domains, people want to get the most bang for their buck. It is particularly important if a person pays a premium for these services and, as a result, expects unique advantages. According to this GoDaddy Review, It is not typically true with GoDaddy as the firm charges a premium and yet provides unsatisfactory features as a result. GoDaddy entices people with reduced prices for the first year. However, if someone wants to renew the domain in the future, they will have to dig a little deeper into their wallets.

Complicated to Use

As someone searches for a domain registrar or web host, they need one that offers an excellent customer experience. It is not the case with GoDaddy, which has a complex interface and a hard to navigate backend. As a result, using GoDaddy proves to be more difficult, and clients may find themselves paying for services they do not actually require. The unfriendly customer experience, combined with an untrustworthy customer service team to assist clients if they get stuck, is a justification not to try out GoDaddy.

Lagging and Slow Web Hosting Speeds

Another explanation for Redditors’ dislike for GoDaddy is the slow web hosting speeds, which are frequently the result of this organization overtaxing one domain controller with numerous websites. As a result, these web pages are now competing for bandwidth and processing time. It is not a problem a person would have with most of the competing shared hosting plans, proving that GoDaddy is unquestionably the issue.

Poor Customer Support

If a person lacks technical expertise, it is natural to seek assistance when they encounter a problem, for example, site downtimes. However, if a person opts to use GoDaddy as their internet hosting or registrar of their domain, receiving the necessary customer support seems to be almost impossible. It is due to the fact that it can take up to two days for customer service staff to respond and offer any solutions to whatever problem they are experiencing.

Gives Too Little Control

The server’s back end at GoDaddy is complicated and has serious limitations. That is, as a software developer, it takes way longer (and is frequently more costly for customers) to perform tasks. People need the simplicity and freedom that a standard industry administration interface provides if a person is to deliver value for their client. Sadly, GoDaddy provides users with a patented technology that is more concerned with selling them more GoDaddy brands than with providing them with the tools they require.


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