Writing reflects the past, the present, and the future. Ever since ancient times, there are discoveries of the early manifestation of spoken languages through symbols, marks, and phonetic inscriptions. Since the paper wasn’t invented in the time of early civilizations, our ancestors used stones, tree trunks, animal bones and skins, seashells, and other materials to convey their thoughts through signs. They kept perfecting their writing systems and technology generation after generation.

Now, when we have online editors and a possibility to find custom essay and dissertation writing service in UK, US, Australia, or anywhere in the world with a tap on a screen, some of us might be wondering – will we still be needing writing in the future? Here are some possibilities of writing that will help you to answer this question:

1. Shape the future

According to the British Forbes writer, Greta Solomon, the future belongs to the people who can connect and know how to communicate. As a perfect example, there are different blogs and informative articles which become viral and spread all over the internet, making their authors opinion leaders and influencers.

Various bloggers emerged due to the business potential of the writing industry. They can generate lucrative income from blogging in different niches and genres. From this perspective, writing holds the power to shape the future. 

2. Build a business

If you take a look at the successful entrepreneurs, you will see how they use writing as their marketing strategy and as a means to shape their personal brand. When you visit their website and social media pages, you can see how they use inspirational and inciting words. They create myths around their products. With the power of words and storytelling, they sell ideas to their customers rather than merely products and services.

Verbal communication alone cannot do the sales trick. In the world of e-commerce, it is more important than ever to captivate your customers with as few well-chosen words as possible. That’s why the profession of a copywriter is on the rise. Good promotional content requires inspiration, deep understanding of psychology and market, and, of course, strong writing skills.

 3. Think and evolve

Are you wondering why the professors asked you to write all those academic papers? Some students might think their school projects were only needed for the grades and curriculum revision. That’s partially true, but there is much more to it than simply checking students’ knowledge.

Writing is a way of thinking, it helps you to structure all the information about the subject, categorize it, analyze it, and produce new information (come to conclusions). That’s why writing assignments, not tests, are still at the core of college education. That’s why journaling is a very popular type of therapy. Writing is a creative act that facilitates problem-solving and decision-making.

4. Build your career

Writing is a crucial skill for professional success. You must have both strong verbal and writing skills to create a professional report, conduct an impressive presentation, engage in e-mail communication, negotiate with your business partners, persuade your colleagues, etc.

That’s why it is worth investing time and resources in your writing skills. Start practicing, join online classes or tutoring services to improve your way with words.

5. Rise up to the challenges of AI

With AI on the way to change our lives, many people are concerned that automation will render their jobs obsolete. Unsurprisingly, experts say that authors and writers are among those lucky professions that are safe from automation. Why?

According to Kai-Fu Lee, a leading AI expert, two unique qualities cannot be substituted by the AI and therefore will future-proof any profession. These exclusively human characteristics are empathy and creativity. Needless to say that they are both present in a good book or any good text for that matter. A good writer is always capable to put themselves in their reader’s shoes, they have a deep understanding of the human psyche, and can create stories and entire worlds to get their ideas across.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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