Your air conditioner is one of the most solid counters for the sweeping heatwaves that come around summertime. Therefore, it is important to make sure it works optimally to serve you throughout these hot months. According to statistics (read more), more than 702 Americans become victims of heatstroke annually. This condition happens when the body fails to regulate your temperature because of a sudden or consistent rising of environmental heat. 

If you are reading this article, though, we can surmise your air conditioner broke, and you are finding a solution to it. We only hope you do not read this in the middle of summer, in the blazing heat! Read below the reasons why your AC system broke and potential ways to fix it as soon as possible!

Reason #1: You Don’t Do Consistent Maintenance

Any machine, even if it is not an AC, will end up broken way ahead of its time if you neglect maintenance and constant assessment from professionals. Maintenance (once or bi-annually) will make sure your AC is ready to face the summer and is in optimal condition. Usually, this scheduled maintenance is done during the spring season, just when summer is right around the corner. That way, you will be assured your air conditioner got your back!

However, if you do not do any check-ups as often, there is a big possibility your AC will either give up right before or in the middle of blistering hot weather. Do not get caught up in your schedule and hit up companies like Kirkwood Heating and AC services to get scheduled for a fixed maintenance date. You can always call them up to change the date, but you will be sure to get a visit from them once you book an appointment!

Reason #2: Dirty Filter

The AC’s filter is one of the most critical and essential parts of the machine. This not only keeps the air well-ventilated and clean (dust-free and without insects), but it also makes sure cold air consistently circulates throughout the room. If your appliance suddenly does not start working or has an erratic blast of cold air, your filter is probably full of filtered dust or dirt build-up. You need to clean this regularly to make sure your AC works properly!

Reason #3: Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat adjusts accordingly to the temperature of the room. Meaning, if it senses the room is too hot, it adjusts the AC to blow stronger and more consistent cold air into the room, and when it senses the room has sufficiently cooled down, it will signal your air conditioner to blow cold air more gently. If this feature gets broken, you will be sure to feel the difference. 

However, many users blame the HVAC system itself for the malfunction when it is the thermostat with the problem. Therefore, before getting lost in your own conclusions, consult a professional!

Ways to Fix A Broken AC

There are two ways to address the problem of a broken AC System.

  1. Do It Yourself

Though this choice is often considered by many people, DIY-ing it without prior knowledge and experience will only lead to more problems. Not only does this have the potential to break more parts of the AC (which will give you crazy high bills with the HVAC repair), but it can also pose a significant threat to you physically. This leads us to the second, more practical way.

  1. Calling A Professional

This way may be more expensive than the first we mentioned, but the benefits you get from calling a professional and an expert greatly outweigh the payment. You will get peace of mind, a fully functioning air conditioner, and thorough assessments that can potentially uncover underlying problems the repairman can quickly fix right up. 


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