You’ve probably seen a wide range of wireless earbuds and earphones, each with innovative capabilities to improve your audio experience. But you’ve probably never heard of AI-powered earbuds. Artificial intelligence-powered active noise cancellation (ANC) is one of the hottest trends this year in earphones. AI-powered earbuds let users hear important sounds they should hear while blocking out the sounds that are interfering with their music.

Now, let’s have a look at one of the best Al-powered earbuds, xFyro ANC. xFyro Hybrid ANC Earbuds combines artificial intelligence with the ANC feature to give the best audio experience possible. But this isn’t the earbud’s only specialty. xFyro ANC also brings you comfort, ergonomic Fit, and features like automatic Bluetooth pairing within 30 feet, IPX5 water resistance rating, Dual Beamforming Mic, Bluetooth 5.0, Digital Assistant Access, Touch Controls, Type-C Quick Charging, and more.

xFyro ANC Specifications

  • Type: TWS
  • Drivers: dynamic, 7 mm, graphene
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC
  • Bluetooth range: up to 10 meters
  • Charging port: USB Type-C
  • Battery life: 10 hours of continuous playback per charge + 90 hours in the carrying case
  • Protection: IPX5 water resistance
  • Earbuds size: 4.1 cm X 2.7 cm
  • Carrying case: 5.3 cm X 5.8 cm

xFyro ANC Features

Here are some of the features that xFyro ANC has to offer:

Design and Build

xFyro ANC Pro

xFyro ANC earbuds are a combination of comfort and a secure fit. It is lightweight, sleek, compact, and built out of durable plastic that feels solid. Controls are associated with long or short taps or hold on the flat, round piece that sits outside the ear. It is best to hold the long thin part of the bud to adjust in the ear because that section has no touch actions.

The charging case has a minimal form factor with a matte black finish and it will easily slide into your pocket. On the front of the case, there is a power button, as well as a LED level indicator of the battery status. At the bottom, there’s a USB C charging port.

AI-Powered, ANC, and Transparency Mode

AI-powered transparency mode listens to your music and calls in real-time and recognize more than 6000 sounds and filter the sounds you need to hear and block the noises you don’t. It also has Transparency Mode that uses its sound database like traffic, alarms, and voices to pass through the ANC barrier to your ears. If you don’t want to be interrupted, you can always turn Transparency Mode off without affecting the Hybrid Mode.

Sound Quality

The xFyro ANC earbuds offer 7mm graphene drivers and a Dual Beamforming Mic for Crystal-clear calls. The sound quality is good and the voice is loud and clear after it blocks out noises in your background. The earphones deliver good clarity and balanced sound and a decent amount of bass. Also, the earphones come with an ANC which can maintain high-quality calls even in the low network area.

Touch Control

The touch-sensitive area on the rear side of each earbud can be used to answer or end a call, tap twice on any earbud and answer it and to reject it, tap and hold on the touch-sensitive area of any of the two earbuds. Touch controls can also be used to switch between the ANC and the Transparency mode by tapping and holding the right earbud for 2 seconds.

If you want to play or pause a track, you need to tap twice on any earbud and, to go to the next or previous track, you will need to tap three times of the right or left earbud. xFyro has also included volume control, to raise the volume, simply tap on the right earbud; to lower the volume, tap once on the left earbud.


The earbuds run on Bluetooth 5.0 for instant auto-pairing and seamless wireless connectivity from up to 30 feet. To pair the earbuds for the first time, simply open the case. You will see the blue and red lights blinking. Once it turns blue on both, that means earbuds are connected to each other and ready to pair. Then just take out the earphones so that they are connected to the right device by tapping on the name.

If you found any connectivity issue, place the earbuds in the case and press and hold the button on the case without closing the cap of the case to reset the earbuds.

Battery Life

xFyro ANC has an impressive life and delivers up to 10 hours of playback on a single charge, and the carrying case holds another 90 hours for a total of 100 hours. The carrying case uses a USB Type-C port for fast charging and charges to full in just 2 hours. while earphones charge completely in it in 15 minutes.

Other Features

The earbuds are IPX5 Water Resistant that means you can easily use them in the rain, pool, or gym. The xFyro ANC is Google Assistant and SIRI compatible and you can easily activate the voice assistant by tap and hold on the left earbud. The earbuds offer Gaming mode to minimize the lag between the games.

Final words

With their remarkable features like AI-powered uninterrupted music, impressive touch controls, and excellent battery life, these earbuds are worth every penny.

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