A patio is a courtyard within a house or a building which is free from the ceiling. These are often found enclosed with foliage and filled with furniture. Depending on the site, some designs maximize the presence of an attractive view. From being just a space designated to enhance ventilation, patios became a space for harmony.

This is a space used to cater to guests working as a living and dining area. To increase the welcoming atmosphere, outdoor lighting design is highly recommended. There’s no point in having a patio without proper planning and installing outdoor lights. Besides, lighting has a big impact on its overall look.

Are you struggling about how to bring life to your dull and boring patio? Bring your worries to an end and give your family and guests the warmest and coziest experience. Here are 5 of the best ideas on how to light up your patio!

The Horizontal Bliss

Are you into highlighting the bold edges of your outdoor design? We’ve found you a match with The Horizontal Bliss. A patio is not just about dining, but more of a collaboration of thoughts. On the image above, the activities done outdoors are focused on communication.

The fire pit increased the welcoming feeling of the patio made it perfect for late night conversations. You can feel the vibe of excitement while walking through the path walk to the patio. To complement the path walk, they used the best flexible LED strip lights in blue highlighting every step you take.

Lights don’t always need to be placed above. With a little creativity, you can do better than using the traditional garden wall lights. Enjoy memorable nights on your patio with The Horizontal Bliss design!

The Artificial Stars

Are you looking for the unwinding vibe for your patio? You’ve found a better place to drink a glass of wine and read a book with The Artificial Stars-inspired patio. Make your patio space where you can exhale all your worries and stress.

Enhance the comfort and relaxation it can give you with these amazing warm string light bulbs. Your preference of lights doesn’t always have to be white to illuminate the room. There are a variety of light colors to choose from in the market. Pick the best color which will suit the vibe that you want to achieve.

These string lights are best hung on your patio’s pergola to attain The Artificial Stars look. Wouldn’t it be the perfect place to drink a glass of wine?

The Lit Escape

Are you looking for a place to enjoy long conversations with your family and friends? Feel the comforting ambiance of your patio by illuminating the space with these glamorous warm LED Christmas lights. Who knew you Christmas lights can go beyond being festive during the holidays?

The image above is an inspiration for a simple yet elegant look. You can feel the connection between furniture, foliage, and lights. The Sienna-colored chairs are highlighted by the warm-colored lights hung beneath the arc and around the trees. The ambiance feels like dining in a garden-inspired restaurant. The Lit Escape is the nearest escape you can get from reality!

The Other Side

The lighting indoors is as important as lighting outdoors. Enjoy an amazing experience outdoors with The Other Side. As you can see on the image above, space is well-lit. The two vibrant landscape lights bring out the details of the vine arc framing the grand door. You can often see these lights in public places but are best in leveling up your patio.

There are no warm-colored lights as they may overlay on the neutral colors of the flooring, walls, and door. The lights enhance the welcoming vibe of the foliage leading you to the other side of the house. It is important that you keep the connection between indoor and outdoor space. The best way to establish it is to properly plan the lighting placement of your patio. Keep your outdoor space alive with The Other Side patio lighting design!

The Uplight Glow

Are you looking for a place where you can part reality for a while? The Uplight Glow-inspired patio is your perfect choice if you are looking for an extension of your personal space. This design is commonly used for minimalist and contemporary-themed houses. It has the ability to elevate and enhance the details of the furniture and foliages.

On the image above, they used vibrant daffodil-shaded landscape lights. It’s not too white and not too yellow either. The goal of The Uplight Glow is to brighten a wider space. The landscape lights have a certain distance which illuminates the upper and lower part of the wall. It’s not focused on a specific area. The light works well in both directions. Keep your space lit with The Uplight Glow!


The list is endless when it comes to finding different design inspirations to light up your patio. The goal of these five examples is to boost creativity in coming up with your own. Be your own inspiration. Create an extended personal space beyond your bedroom by making your patio the place of relief. There is more to a patio being a place to dine, drink and talk. Redesign it to a place where spending time is worth the while!


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