Communication is vital in growing your business. Before, connecting and engaging with your potential clients and investors were limited. Nowadays, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems have changed how you grow business.

You can reach almost anyone worldwide because of the advanced features of VoIP. Whether you live in another country, you can still hire employees from around the globe. You can still offer your products anywhere because communicating with them is now affordable and easier. With such a start, you can expand your business through the following tips:

1. Improve Client Interaction

Traditionally, you may need to travel long distances to meet with clients or investors. Sometimes, you’re tied with doing business to your office. Your absence may disrupt your business operations. With such, your clients may feel disgruntled because they can’t reach you.

Fortunately, VoIP allows you to have open communication wherever you are. It won’t affect you from taking calls from your customers. If you have employees, they can easily route important client calls to your personal phone number if you’re not in the office.

Your clients won’t have to keep on waiting for a solution to resolve their problems or issues. With VoIP, you can promptly respond to their needs. In addition, you can filter what’s essential from less urgent calls. That way, even if you’re on vacation, you can still monitor calls.

Another feature of VoIP is its ability to deliver quality calls. Unlike Google Voice that can disrupt how you interact with your clients; other VoIP providers have features helping you communicate well with customers. You can click to read more information about Google Voice’s disadvantages.

As a result of better client interaction, you can grow your customers by referring you to other people. With such, you can expand your business.

2. Allow Business’ Scalability

Growing your business requires more phone lines and numbers. However, VoIP doesn’t require you to install traditional phone lines to add more phone numbers. What you’ll need instead is to set up extension numbers for your VoIP account. Then, with simple clicks and taps of your mouse and keyboard, you’re set to more phone lines.

Even if your other offices are located in various parts of the world, you won’t need cable lines. Since VoIP uses an internet connection, you only need to use one telecommunications system. With such, you can make international phone calls, messages, conference calls, and the like in a more efficient and cheaper option.

Not only are you expanding exponentially, but you can use the money to set up more offices across the globe. Check how you can do such scalability:

# Assign a local number where you conduct your business. Use this phone number across numerous devices.

# With virtual employees or other offices, you can set their virtual extensions. They can access your system using any device regardless of the location.

# Keep your business operating 24/7 as you can employ virtual employees that can access your phone system anytime and anywhere.

# You can also set answering rules. For instance, if an employee doesn’t answer the call, it can directly go to other employees. That way, you won’t have to lose a potential client because it went unanswered.

3. Make a Call Without a Phone

The potential of VoIP is unlimited as it allows you to make and receive calls even without a phone. You can use your smartphone, laptop, and other devices to access your VoIP account and make calls or video conferences. All you need is to access your VoIP phone number with your login credentials and internet connection.

These VoIP-enabled devices allow you to do business; even if you lose your device, you can still access your VoIP
phone number and business phone system. Set up its software, log in, and you’re good to go.

4. Enable Work on the Go

In addition, VoIP’s advantage to bring closer virtual employees helps your business operate without an office. Your employees can work in the comforts of their home using the VoIP phone system since all they need are login credentials, internet, and their device.

As for you, you won’t have to cancel out-of-town trips because you can continue doing business with VoIP phone systems. Your employees can route calls to you, or you can still contact your employees anytime and anywhere.

5. Allow VoIP Texting

Aside from making or receiving calls, you can maximize text messaging with your VoIP phone system. Some customers prefer text messages over calls. Thus, making your business flexible to cater to different types of your clients.
With VoIP texting, you also use your phone number to send texts via the internet using various devices. That way, you can enhance or support the following via text messaging:

Appointment Reminders: With clients or business partners, you can remind them about a booked appointment. You can easily schedule the text reminders weeks or days before the appointment. That way, you can immediately schedule the reminder when a booked appointment is confirmed. In addition, you won’t lose a client or investor because of a forgotten appointment.

Post-Conference Follow-Ups: After a conference call, you may use VoIP texting to field post-meeting questions to your participants. You can also send them follow-up instructions after the call.

Mass Updates: With VoIP texting, you can send updates to your clients regarding promos, new product launches, system updates, and others. With a single click, you can send it to a group of numbers within seconds. No manually entering every client’s number.

By doing all these things, you can continue engaging with your clients even after a call. Since most people check their texts within minutes, your message won’t go unanswered or unseen. Most importantly, text messages allow you to keep your brand awareness even if you don’t respond.


Growing your business is now possible because reaching clients, investors, and employees are easier with VoIP phone systems. Do business wherever you are, and connect with people with any device. All you need is the internet and your login credentials. That way, you can quickly scale up your business.


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