Before your workday even begins you should prepare to have a productive day. This preparation typically starts the night before but can also include some morning time if you are an early riser. Prepping can include big-picture items, such as affirmations and goals for the day. You can also plan the important minutiae, such as which custom Google Meet background to use for your meeting. Whichever type of planning you need, here are five ways to make it happen.

Reflect Upon the Previous Workday

Take a moment to think about what you did the day before. What was successful? What needs improvement? What can you change? Identify your most important tasks. Choose just one thing you can do differently to improve your work outcomes today.

Organize Your Meeting Schedule

Most days have at least one meeting. Some days are a string of meetings. Take a look at your meeting schedule the night before. If possible, schedule the most important meetings first, while your mind is fresh.  Allow yourself time to reflect between meetings and jot down impressions and responses to what you learned. Don’t forget the details. If you need a virtual background with logo for that Zoom meeting, think about it now.

Prioritize Assignments To Meet Your Goals

Ask yourself which assignments will help you meet your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Prioritize those first. Use these steps to make progress towards your goals:

  1. Assign “A” to the tasks that are most important for the day. You can use “A1,” “A2,” etc.
  2. For anything that you would like to complete today but is not essential, assign it to group “B”.
  3. Assign tasks that are not important at all to group “C.”
  4. Any task that can be delegated gets a “D.”
  5. Tasks that can be eliminated are an “E” and can be scratched off your day entirely.
  6. Start your day with the “A” list and go down the alphabet from there. 

By starting with your most important assignment, you ensure that it gets completed and you are making real progress.

Schedule Your Day

Now that you have your meeting schedule arranged and you have prioritized your tasks, fill in the schedule for your whole day. Plug your various assignments in around your meetings, making sure that there is a natural workflow. For example, if you have assignments that pertain to a certain meeting, make sure you schedule them before the meeting so you can report on your work.

Prepare the Infrastructure

These are the final details that will make your day great. Plan your outfit. Declutter your desk. Stack up your files by the door if you are headed into the office. If you’re at home, choose your virtual background Google Meet. Pack a lunch. Pack a snack. Whatever you can do to streamline your workday, get it done now.

Now the hard part is actually following through. You know what to do to make your workday better. Take the plunge and do it. A few minutes set aside each day will increase your productivity dramatically.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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